Five Essentials That Make Up Good Headshots For Actors

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You might have somewhere heard the expression, “ An Actors Headshots is their calling card”. Although this statement is very true, it goes much further than that.

Headshots for Actors should be so much more than you simply smiling or looking serious. Remember that it’s not a beauty shot and a simple wardrobe change alone is never a strong choice for a different look or a new character type.

Headshots are something that will be seen by more people in a position to hire you than will ever meet you face to face. They act as your surrogate. Headshots for Actors are something that will represent you when you aren’t in the room. These are something that will represent you on a computer screen, in a sea of similar actors who have submitted for the same role. Therefore, the headshots should be top-class.

But this begs the question, what makes good Headshots for Actors?

Several components go into crafting a compelling headshot. Here we will be looking at some of these essentials. So, let’s start.

Know Thyself:

Headshots should be such that it captures your essence. When you are experiencing a moment, you should exhibit genuine emotion. And the portfolio of shots that you create with the help of a well-reputed Business Photographer in Melbourne should represent the various type of characters you can believably play. Anything else, truth be told, is simply a waste of your time and money.

You should always think of your headshot as a 1-second short film. It should be properly able to convey the tone, and character and also tell a story. This thing becomes more prominent for commercial shots and especially with Theatrical i.e, with TV and Film shots.

The Eyes Have It:

Do you have any idea about what is the stand-out quality in a headshot that connects with the viewer, and most importantly, draws them in?

The quote “The eyes are the windows to the soul” might be familiar to you. Headshots for Actorsmust connect to the viewer by inviting them in with your eyes. Even if the viewer’s focus goes to another area of the photo, they should always come back to your lustrous eyes. Therefore, your eyes should have a spark, must be engaging, and have an emotional life in them.

Dress the Part:

Once you are acquainted with your types, it’s time to get ready to convey those types in the headshots sessions. First, write down about 2 or 3 specific looks that you want to capture. Once you are done refining the looks, you need to select the wardrobe those people would wear. You should observe the examples both on-screen and also in real life. You can explore how these people and professionals are being wardrobed in TV, film, and commercials.

Acting in your Headshots:

As aforementioned, Headshots for Actors do not mean you simply smiling or looking serious. These are something that shows you experiencing a real moment, a genuine emotion. They are, in a way exhibiting your acting skills. Always try to prepare thoughts, scenes, and scenarios that people/professionals would be experiencing and try to employ them during the photoshoot. Always think of the headshot as a script or subtext for the shoot. And this is where your acting skills step into creating your headshot. When you are working in front of the camera, you can make use of these thoughts or subtext or scenarios as a touchstone or mantra to inspire ground acting choices and thereby guide you in captivating the images you have been long striving for. Without the assistance of these guides, you might become distracted while shooting and thereby end up with the same generic expression in a series of photos of yourself in different outfits. And this is in no way going to make for a strong or effective portfolio of shots.

Hiring Your Collaborator:

Choosing the right Business Photographer in Melbourne can be quite a daunting task. So, you must find someone who not only knows the importance of Headshots for Actorsbut is also skilled at capturing compelling actor headshots.

When you are reviewing the work of a Business Photographer in Melbourne, ask yourself, do their shots from actor to actor look all the same or general? Their portfolios should encompass examples of actors experiencing genuine emotions and believable moments that will set off one actor from another, even those who have similar physical traits. Always keep an eye out for those examples in their work that display individual characters representing distinctly different variable types.

Final Take:

Headshots for Actors are a business investment. There is a lot of time and money that goes into shooting, retouching, formatting for print and the web, and finally printing the headshots. So, we would advise you to always avail of the services of a good Business Photographer in Melbourne as they are the ones who can bring out those best and the most compelling shots and that is something that is going to set you apart from everyone else who is being considered for the same roles.

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