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7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi, the capital and wealthiest state of the UAE, is a spectacular city with a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. It has its natural appeal with a boast of modernity that attracts tourists and honeymooners everywhere. Abu Dhabi has everything with beautiful mosques, luxurious hotels and resorts, 21st-century structures, theme parks, and endless deserts. Furthermore, it has developed from a fishing village to a stunning city in a few decades with a long list of world records and tourist attractions like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, Yas Island, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, and much more. Learn More and Customize your holiday when booking Dubai honeymoon packages from Roaming Routes and add Abu Dhabi to your travel list. But why?

Why Visit Abu Dhabi?

There is no reason why one shouldn’t visit Abu Dhabi. It’s GORGEOUS! The cultural elements and glimpses of their Bedouin heritage can be witnessed daily. Whether it is classic picturesque mosques or the renowned amusement park Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the city has unique tourist attractions. Additionally, each tourist place in Abu Dhabi has something special to offer its visitor. The well-planned city has a wide road that assures a smooth traffic flow, making traveling convenient and hassle-free 24×7.

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi carries the title of the “biggest space frame structure” and is one of the main attractions in Abu Dhabi. It is the first Ferrari-based theme indoor amusement park on Yas Island, with 37 rides and fun activities to do. The place isn’t just famous amongst tourists but locals too. They make time from their hectic life and rejoice at this place. Furthermore, you get a chance to break your land speed record here. You’re wrong if you think adventure is the only thing it offers. Additionally, the place has some food outlets serving the best Italian and local cuisine to satiate your hunger.

Seven facts we bet you didn’t know about Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

1. Driving a Ferrari is a dream come true!

Riding a Ferrari is a dream of many, but not everyone is fortunate to live that. But did you know you can drive FERRARI at Ferrari world theme park? If you’re 21 years old and hold a valid driving license sanctioned by the UAE government, you can drive Ferrari. You can either sit back in the passenger seat with the driver or go it yourself. Firstly, you’ll receive a lesson about how to navigate a car from a trained expert. It is once in a lifetime experience for anyone, regardless of age.

2. Fastest Rollercoaster, Formula Rossa-

Ferrari world has the fastest rollercoaster ride, with a speed of 24 km per hour. The 2-kilometer-long coaster ride catapults you 52 meters above the ground. Furthermore, it uses the same hydraulic launch system as in Ferrari, giving you the adrenaline rush of an F1 racing car.

3. Most significant Ferrari logo in the world-

Adorned on the magnificent red structure edified by the Ferrari GT body is the world’s most prominent Ferrari logo, measuring 65mx49m. Additionally, the marvelous design of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is visible from the sky to everyone.

4. Go Ferrari World Roof Walking-

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s iconic red roof can be recognized from space. A 90-minute walk covering 700 m on an emblematic Ferrari red roof is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Furthermore, guests can go to the top and get close to the world-famous Ferrari logo while admiring the marvelous view of Yas Island.

5. Retreat for F1-loving kids-

If your little one or even you are crazy about F1, you must visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Junio Pilota’s School inside the amusement park trains the kids professionally, and the expert trainers are from F1 fields. On top of everything, the stimulation used here is the same as on tracks.

6. Witness the Manufacturing of Dynamic Car-

Ferrari World is the only place tourists can see the manufacturing of beloved brands’ dynamic cars. It is a dream come true for Ferrari lovers.

7. Seasonal events year-around

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi hosts seasonal events at the amusement park every year. Extraordinary ladies meet, festive events, light shows, Winterfest, and more. The park also hosted events like The Hypercar exhibition in the past. So, if you’re planning your visit, it is better to plan around their seasonal event as they are spectacular. The lights, sound, crazy ice skater performance, Bollywood acts, and all the glitz and glamour aren’t worth missing.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Rides

Ferrari World has 37 rides. From kids to adults, it offers endless fun for everyone. Formula Rossa, Scuderia Challenge, Fiorano GT Challenge, Flying Aces, Formula Rossa Junior, Speedway Race, Karting Academy, Bell’Italia, Turbo Tower, G-Force, Speed Of Magic, Tyre Twist, and a Ferrari Ride are a few of the top Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rides.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Ticket

There are 05 types of tickets available in an amusement park- Single Day ticket, Family & Friends Offer, 1 Day Any 02 parks, 2 Day Any 2 Parks, and Unlimited 03 days 03 parks. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ticket price varies according to the package. So to book tickets, check their official website. Also, You might have to pay extra for additional activities like roof walking, ziplining, and more.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Timing

The park is open throughout the year. The opening time is 11 am and closes at 8 pm. To avoid the crowd, visit Ferrari World between 11 am to noon.

When you’re done with adventure and fun, go shopping at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, a trip to the place would be incomplete without some shopping spree, and the Ferrari Store and Ferrari Past and Present store have some affordable souvenirs for you to bring back home.

Final Say

Abu Dhabi may seem extravagant to everyone, but a customized Dubai tour package from Roaming Routes can make your vacation lavish at a reasonable price. Whether planning a family trip or honeymoon, Roaming Routes can help you plan Honeymoon Packages To Dubai. Whatever your travel choices, you will find everything suitable to your requirement. Explore our Dubai honeymoon packages with or without flights at unbeatable prices and discounts.

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