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5 facts you should know about work injuries at urgent care

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It is important to know that if you feel sick or injured, you have several options where you can get medical care. A doctor’s office, an urgent care center, a retail health clinic, or an emergency room if the injury is severe. Today, healthcare has become more convenient due to the increased usage of technology and the location where one receives care. Making an appointment is challenging, leading to people avoiding the doctor or using the emergency room instead.

You can take advantage of urgent care clinics and the emergency room while seeking medical attention. We will help you locate the best urgent care near Lewis Center, Ohio, like MD1Stop, based on your budget and the urgency of your ailment. You can have a physicals and work injuries doctor, dentists and other professionals at urgent care centers. You can even log in to the MD1Stop website for more information.

Here are five facts about urgent care clinics in the last five years.

  1. Clinics for urgent care differ from traditional clinics.
  2. Reducing ER visits at urgent care clinics
  3.  All medicines are available to urgent care doctors.
  4. Young people prefer urgent care over primary care.
  5.  Urgent care does not replace primary care.
  1. Clinics for urgent care differ from traditional clinics

There are many walk-in clinics, which are usually located in stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies. They offer a wide variety of healthcare services, including treating uncomplicated minor illnesses and can provide preventive care. Urgent care clinics treat different conditions and issues.

Walk-in clinics are also known as urgent care clinics, but they specialize in treating injuries and illnesses that need immediate care but don’t need to treat in an emergency room. Despite not being open 24 hours a day, urgent care clinics usually have long hours.

  1. Reducing ER visits at urgent care clinics

People usually go to the ER when they can’t get an appointment to see their primary care physician, so urgent care clinics allow them to get X-rays and cold treatments without going to the ER. When dealing with non-life-threatening issues, insurers recommend urgent care clinics over emergency rooms. Several insurance companies have outlined when patients should visit an emergency room. When they should go to urgent care, and where the nearest ER and urgent care clinics are.

  1. All medicines are available at urgent care clinics

It is common for urgent care clinics to have their pharmacy, making it possible for doctors to prescribe medications. Antibiotics, short-term pain medications, one-time maintenance medications, allergy and asthma medications, antiviral medications, work injuries medication, and stomach medications are also available in their pharmacy

This is important to keep in mind that urgent care clinics are not allowed to prescribe medications that require monitoring or follow-up care, including narcotics, long-term pain medications, or anxiolytics.

  1. Young people prefer urgent care over primary care

Based on the results of this study, MD1Stop found that adult patients are more likely to seek urgent care services due to their convenience. According to the study, adults aged 18 to 34 and those aged 35 to 44 were more likely to seek urgent care clinics, while consumers aged 45 and older sought primary care facilities more.

  1. Urgent care does not replace primary care 

Many people who use urgent care services often do so because they have a primary care physician. For those individuals, urgent care bridges the primary care physician’s office and the urgent care facility. During research in Lewis Center, Ohio, we found that people usually use MD1Stop urgent care when they cannot get in to see their regular doctor either because they cannot get into the office. But in urgent care, you will not face these problems like no appointments, the office will close, or the doctor is unavailable. They have 24 hours staff, doctors, and all kinds of services available in their clinic.


People in need of medical care can enjoy urgent care centers. It is convenient and quick to access medical care without an appointment at MD1Stop walk-in clinic. Some facts explain why urgent care is successful in many medical treatment. Because urgent care centers usually charge less than emergency rooms, they are often open late and on weekends, helping those who cannot access traditional medical care. Moreover, online resources make it easy to locate the best urgent care in your vicinity.


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