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Facebook Ads Creation – Significant Tips To Increase ROI

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Wherever our audience is, we have to be. Therefore, today we will learn how to create a Facebook Ads campaign, one of the best-performing advertising tools in recent times thanks to the high number of users who use this social network and the data that contains Facebook from them.

The Facebook ads shown on the right or along with another new side, depending on the device from which it is displayed, can also be displayed on Instagram, thanks to one of the latest updates.

To create a good campaign in Facebook Ads the key is segmentation, this social network with more than 1.400 million users allows us to choose very well which is our target audience. But, let us start at the beginning:

How to make a Facebook Ads campaign?

To start creating a personalized Facebook Ads campaign, you only need to have access to your social network account and a Facebook page of your business. Once inside the section ‘create an ad’, we will go step by step.

Choose your goal What is the purpose of your campaign?

  • Promote your publications.
  • Promote your page
  • Attract traffic to your website.
  • Increase conversions on your website.
  • Increase downloads of your app.
  • Increase the interaction of your app.
  • Reach people who are close to your business.
  • Increase attendees to your event.
  • Getting people to request your offer
  • Increase video views
  • Promote the product catalog.
  • Generate leads for your company.
  • Increase the notoriety of the brand.

Create the ad

Depending on the selected goal, you will have to fill in some points to allow Facebook Ads to segment the audience your ad will be shown to. These are the keys – some collected from the article Tips to design a good ad in Facebook Ads and that receives many clicks, written by skwebdesigningsolutions.com:

  • You can select a single image or several, but always attractive and real to generate confidence.
  • If there is any incorporated text in the image, make sure that it does not exceed 20% of the content of the creativity. You can measure it with the free tool provided by the social network, Text Overlay.
  • The image must have certain dimensions for each type of ad.
  • Give it a brief and precise title.
  • The advertisement description can have a maximum of 90 characters. Be clear about the idea you want to convey.

The idea is to create several different ads in terms of image and message, to be able to check what results in each one gives us and see what type has a better response among our public to run the campaign with maximum performance.

Segment your audience

Perhaps this is the key to why Facebook Ads is working so well. Whether by age, location, sex, or interests, Facebook offers a wide audience and you have to know how to use it to locate your target audience. You can also decide if the campaign is shown only to our followers, friends of followers or the entire community in general.

Launch the campaign

It only remains to establish the daily budget, the start, and end date, and launch the Facebook Ads campaign to wait for the first results. Once the campaign is launched, you can pause and resume it whenever you want. With ‘Ads Manager you will be able to track how the campaign is working, as well as the statistics provided by Facebook Ads, to determine if you need any changes or if we are achieving the initial objective.

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