Expert Tips on How To Buy Diamond Bracelets

Expert Tips on How To Buy Diamond Bracelets

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Diamond bracelets, more popularly known as tennis bracelets are exquisite pieces of jewelry that make for an ideal gift. For those looking for a stylish and sophisticated accessory, a diamond bracelet is the ultimate choice. A staple in the diamond jewelry category, one can wear these to a red-carpet event as well as to work every day.

However, buying diamond bracelets is like venturing into uncharted territory. It can be a challenging task owing to the wide range of available options and their premium prices. Regardless of whether you are shopping for your dear one or yourself, the diamond bracelet should exhibit affection and elegance that would last for years to come.

A diamond bracelet is heir-loom worthy that can be passed onto generations. Diamonds and their brilliant shine are known for being timeless classics and should be a well-thought purchase. Buying diamonds can be a tricky affair as most of these shining stones appear identical to the naked eye. However, their values differ significantly based on the 4Cs: color, clarity, carat, and cut.

While you must have heard about the 4Cs that determine the exquisiteness of a diamond, knowing how they influence the value of the diamonds engraved in your bracelet can help you make an informed purchase. Moreover, the following discussed are a few other vital factors that must be considered while planning to buy diamond bracelets.

1. The 4Cs of the diamonds

Not just bracelets, buying diamonds for any jewelry piece should be a thoughtful decision while considering the 4Cs. The cut, clarity, color, and carat of each diamond determine its marketed value and brilliance. Diamond stones that have a good cut sparkle brilliantly compared to those with a poor cut.

Similarly, the clarity of the diamond i.e. the number of inclusions influences the shine of the stones. Hence, a diamond with minimum inclusions and a suitable carat weight can be the ideal pick. Speaking of color, most diamond bracelets feature colorless diamonds which are most commonly available. You can also experiment with colored diamonds while keeping the metal in consideration.

2. Metal & Bracelet length 

Gold and platinum are conventional metal choices when it comes to buying diamond bracelets. However, other metals such as silver, platinum, and varied shades of gold can be considered such as white, yellow, pink, and rose gold. Whatever your preference, make sure it matches your personality and wardrobe if you’re planning on using the bracelet as an everyday accessory wear.

While gold bracelets give a classic traditional look, platinum diamond bracelets are fit for an everyday casual look. Picking the ideal metal is a personal choice; however, its carat and grading should be well assessed. Along with the metal, the length of the bracelet is another essential factor as it has a significant impact on the looks and price of the jewelry. Before you buy diamond bracelets, it is important to measure the circumference of the wearer’s wrist while adding an inch or two for a perfect fit.

3. Styles & Settings

Contrary to what most people believe, diamond bracelet designs are not just limited to a series of diamonds placed close together to form a round bracelet-like thing. Diamond bracelets come in varied styles and settings that make them appear different from one another. Some popular diamond settings for a bracelet include a prong, channel, bezel, etc. that gives distinct look to the jewelry.

For instance, channel settings make the diamonds in the bracelet look bigger and allow plenty of light to reflect on them. On the other hand, bezel settings are traditional ones that firmly hold the diamonds in place while reducing the chances of fall out or damage. Talking about diamond shapes, round cuts are the most popular ones. However, you can also go for emerald and princess cuts depending on the design preferences.

4. Uniformity

Shape and size uniformity is essential when choosing diamonds for your bracelet. Although this is the least of the buyer’s concerns, it’s always good to confirm that all the diamonds put in a bracelet setting are uniform and look the same to the naked eye. A less-shining or small-sized diamond can disturb the design of the bracelet and hamper its elegance. Always purchase a certified diamond bracelet as it ensures that all the stones appear identical and make for a sophisticated jewelry piece.

Final Note

To buy diamond bracelets that are exquisite and high-valued, it is important to deal with reputed jewelers who swear by quality and professionalism. Credible and licensed jewelers often have a wide range of exclusive collections and expert staff who assist customers in finding that ideal piece of jewelry.

Other than the 4Cs and the bracelet metal & settings, make sure you examine the diamonds well before paying for the bracelet. The above-discussed tips will help you distinguish between high and medium-quality bracelets and make a worthy purchase.

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