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7 Things Everyone Needs To Know About The Bajaj Insta EMI Card

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You can access the Bajaj customer Portal Experia at any time during the purchasing process if you need to find out your customer ID and password or verify the validity of your Bajaj Insta EMI Card. The EMI Network Card’s back also had the customer ID on it. Log in to the Bajaj Experia Portal using the ID and password Bajaj Finserv gave you to verify the validity and cap of the Bajaj Insta EMI Card. You can also utilise the Bajaj Finserv app as an alternative.

Enjoy a cost-efficient and pocket-friendly way to purchase your favourite goods. So stop waiting and register for an Insta EMI Card from Bajaj Finserv right away!

The main difference between the Insta EMI Card and the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is that the former can be activated online. Furthermore, there are no delays at all during the process. Through the Insta EMI Card, Bajaj Finserv limits can be obtained by cardholders to satisfy their needs for a variety of goods and services. The Insta EMI Card allows for converting expensive invoices into affordable and practical equalised monthly payments (EMIs).

Important things that you should know about the Bajaj Insta EMI Card

Simple shopping with extra benefits

 If you apply for an Insta EMI Card, you can use this EMI Card to make purchases of products and services. To offer No Cost EMIs to its consumers, Bajaj Finserv has partnered with more than one lakh shops over the country. 

Using this EMI Card, you can take advantage of incredible discounts and other offers across all the major e-commerce platforms. You may also access the Bajaj Mall with the Insta EMI Card, with enhanced benefits. The cardholders have access to benefits including no-cost EMIs and zero-down payment options. Online purchasing is easy since EMIs enable the division of enormous expenses into manageable, little chunks. Bajaj Finserv’s partnerships with well-known retail brands and business networks like Reliance Digital, Croma, Vijay Sales, Bajaj Finserv Markets, Amazon, Flipkart, and others offer  greater discounts for customers.

Avail a pre-approved limit

A pre-approved limit of up to Rs. 2 lakh is available with the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card. This allows usage of the card at more than 1 lakh partner businesses scattered across more than 3,000 locations.

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No burdensome paperwork or documentation

The Bajaj Insta EMI Card eliminates the need for paperwork, which typically takes up numerous time and makes the procedure more difficult. You can apply online for the Card without providing any documents. Additionally advantageous is the fact that this instant EMI Card is only available in digital form. Access it via the Bajaj Finserv app to save the hassle of carrying a physical card.

 Minimal steps to use the Insta EMI Card

There are only a few simple steps required to obtain the Insta EMI Card, which is only available online. You must first provide some basic information and confirm the card’s pre-approved limit. Verify your personal information, then pay the 530 rupee joining fee. As soon as the cost is paid, you can access your card via the Bajaj Finserv app that is downloaded to your smartphone.

Apply using the easiest process

There is no need to fret if you do not have a Bajaj insta EMI Card. Experia accepts applications online. You can apply for EMI Card online using the Bajaj customer portal and pay a nominal charge. On the Bajaj Finserv app, your Insta EMI Card is readily accessible. You can also apply offline. If you are a new customer, you can go to one of the partner store and present some basic paperwork, such as cancelled cheque, a PAN card or an Aadhaar card, and a completed ECS mandate.

Hassle free user experience

You receive the following benefits from a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card: 

  • Safe payments using an OTP for each purchase
  • The app offers online account management features.
  • Funding of up to Rs. 2 lakh for all of your shopping requirements
  • No Cost EMIs option available on purchase.
  • Shopping without paperwork

Enjoy a 100% digital process

An Insta EMI Card can be obtained using a 100% digital process in just three simple steps. Not only that, but your card gets active instantaneously. On the Bajaj Finserv website, after providing a few basic facts, applicants are asked to confirm those details through KYC and are required to pay a small joining fee of Rs. 530 for the card. After the payment, the Insta EMI Card activates, and the applicant can view the card on the Bajaj Finserv application. That is it. 

What is ECS?

ECS means Electronic Clearing Service. ECS is a system that electronically moves money from one bank account to another, enabling client-specific electronic credit or debit transactions. It is typically employed for recurring, regular, or transactional activities.

An ECS mandate ensures that you have no objections to Bajaj Finserv withdrawing a specific amount from your account each month in relation to your purchase. You need to provide a cancelled check and a signed ECS mandate along with your KYC documents when applying for a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. 

Without the need for customers to visit bank locations, ECS debit mandates will take care of the automated debit to customer accounts on the due dates. Customers are not required to remember when their payments are due.

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