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Top 8 Event Registration Platforms For Non-Profits

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The event registration platform enables nonprofit companies and groups to automate the various steps involved in setting up promotional events, such as planning, registration, marketing, and analysis. Event management software solutions for NGOs are often cloud-based platforms with a range of features and functionality that you would find in a number of full-featured business solutions. This is similar to traditional event management systems. Whether it relates to for-profit or charitable reasons, this kind of software solution covers many areas of event planning, ticketing, check-in procedures, and organization.

Platforms for managing nonprofit events take care of every stage of the process. This includes everything from the planning stage through the post-event phases, from promotion and event marketing to gathering feedback from sponsors and attendees, various follow-ups, and so on. Do you need an event registration system? If so, you are in the proper location. The finest event registration platform for non-profits will be discussed in this session.

Best Event Registration Platform


With this event registration platform, every stage of the fundraising process may be made as easy as possible. With Dreamcast, you can engage with your visitors, create a branded page, and share the story of your NGO all from one convenient location. Set up events as soon as possible, gather registrations, and sell tickets. Any big event can be handled by this online platform. Experience endless capabilities and unrestricted platform capability, regardless of the size of your event—ten attendees or 10,000.


In addition to providing all the necessary capabilities for nonprofit event organizers, Ticketleap now has a reserved seating chart designer that enables you to design your own venue by dragging and dropping seats, rows, and blocks. If you choose their payment processor, you’ll receive payment by cheque or direct deposit 3–5 business days after your event. You can apply for their FastPay option to start collecting money weekly before your event if you need money right away. This platform is ideal for events with reserved seating that are able to create their seating diagram.


The integration of Smartwaiver into your event registration procedure is ideal. You may generate significant digital waivers for challenging occurrences with Smartwaiver. You can alter your waiver to reflect the names, logos, and fonts used by your company, and then embed the form on your website. Make sure that attendees may sign the waiver on-site during check-in because some will undoubtedly forget to do so online. With the free Smartwaiver kiosk app, your tablet may function as a waiver kiosk.

You may add as many unique questions as you need with Smartwaiver, and you can even flag participants when a specific response is selected for some questions. Additionally, add additional signatures or initials to the waiver’s body if needed. You may quickly search for waivers that have been signed by last name, birthdate, or any other custom tags you’ve given them after individuals have registered for your event and signed the waiver. As save the information gathered in your waivers, export it to a CSV file or individual PDFs. Finally, it’s simple to seamlessly integrate participant contact information into your email marketing campaign thanks to interfaces with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Emma.


One of the top websites for managing registrations, selling tickets, and taking donations at events is Fundraise. You can design event tickets online and sell them directly on your website with the aid of our online platform. Additionally, it is useful for managing and customizing tickets, including event information, ticket quantity, price, and even tax-deductible amounts per ticket.


What distinguishes rsvpify from other charitable event registration software? their RSVP security feature and event website! You can limit responders to only people you have invited by requiring a password before a site visitor can register or view your event page. For seasoned and tech-savvy charitable event planners wishing to conduct private events with a wide range of customization choices, an online conference registration platform is ideal. Despite the fact that their platform has numerous event customization options and themes, it easily becomes confusing. The learning curve for utilizing their software is undoubtedly severe.


With Ticketbud, you can design unique event pages. They provide great branding choices. Setting up an event page, including sponsored logos, videos, photographs, and a unique URL is simple. This platform’s design is also quite simple to comprehend. On this platform’s mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android phones, users can email or print their own event tickets and keep them on Apple Wallet. For charitable organizations searching for a mobile app including ticketing and conference registration software, Ticketbud is ideal.


Accelevents joined the streaming revolution. Nonprofits using this software for event management can link with organizations like Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live or use their streaming service. They made a wise decision to do this. This program is appropriate for usage at outdoor, indoor, and even expo events. Numerous ticket types, brand personalization, and third-party integrations are among them. They have a Virtual Expo Floor, which is one feature that truly sticks out. Since they can now advertise goods and services to all event attendees online, organizations have something fresh to offer event sponsors.


The organizer app and event registration software from Promotix allow you to track sales, look up participants by name or email, and scan tickets to admit guests. Since it works with tablets and mobile devices, using it at the event should be simple. The possibility to receive notifications when distinguished guests arrive is one feature that sets this online event ticketing and administration system apart. Your development manager may find this to be very helpful. Excellent training options, a 60-day onboarding period, and a committed client success manager are all included in Promotix’s Professional package. The tracking of ambassador social media activity, tasks and prizes, and GPS tracking for promotions are also included. This is a great method to convert fans into advocates in the age of the influencer.


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