Elmo Coloring Pages

Elmo Coloring Pages

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Elmo Coloring Pages. Sesame Street is a series full of beloved and recognizable characters. The most famous of everything is the delightful helmet! This brilliant red character has delighted the public worldwide, and this collection of free helmets for children is here to celebrate this happy character. Pictures present it in this collection, and you can appreciate them if you dye them all or choose some favorites. Prepare yourself for a colorful journey while we start this collection. 

We can hardly wait to see some of your finished pages when you share them on our Facebook and Pinterest sites! If you are looking for coloring pages, then you are at the right place because we share many types of adult coloring pages like Christmas coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages, dog coloring pages, cat coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, horse coloring pages, and flower coloring pages.

New Elmo Coloring Pages

  • We make a colorful walk on this first page of our collection of free helmet coloring pages for children! Elmo is known for its combination of bright red colors, and you can dye it to keep this look or choose some unique colors to create your helmet variation!
  • It’s time for the first floor of the helmet! We look at the helmet face well, and you can decide again whether you want to choose the normal color combination or create a new look for it. As mentioned above, it is usually colored with bright red fur and an orange nose, so you can use these colors if you want to be accused of the screen.
  • In this third picture, there is another funny pose. It should have a little right in the right, with many options for what it could be. You could draw an object in your hand to show what it could hold. What kind of objects can you think about this picture via adding?
  • The helmet is on the right path to the lesson on this fourth page! Many children hate going to school, but Elmo seems good enough to feel good from that perspective. There are some great details, such as his book and the backpack, with which you can add various colors to the picture. What colors do you think are the book and backpack?
  • Our next Elmo coloring pages show this happy character in a joyful dance! We always mentioned a happy helmet character, and it is quite common to see how he enjoys a happy dance as he is here. It would be fun to add some colorful details against the background to highlight the joyful atmosphere of the scene. Where can Elmo dance here?
  • The next page would make an excellent topic of topic for your room! It is located in some rims with a great wave, and it is a really funny picture that can view. The details of the circles around him also enable some fantastic colors around the same helmet. There are so many ways to color it, and we will be interested in seeing what you choose!
  • Although Elmo is usually happy and excited, it seems particularly excited in this next picture. He seems to see something really pleasant for him, and you can only ask yourself what it could be! You could show us what you believe by drawing some basic details or indications of what the environment could be.
  • Elmo is designed in an exaggerated and delightful style for this next picture. It can be designed in a less detailed style than previous pictures, but it can grasp your character brilliantly. If we directed this representation of Helm, we would use some shining colors and dishes to adapt to the cartoon look. Do you go to a similar aspect?
  • The next printable helmet color is a fun and creative scene! Elmo appears from a hole and makes a really pleasant surprise. If we were going, we would write “surprise” in large, strong, and colorful letters above him. What else would it be fine with this photo?
  • It’s time for a picture full of action with others! Elmo drives with a skateboard and has taken a fantastic step here. It is another one in which there are countless smaller details to color the skateboard, the helmet, and the knees we wear. You can certainly spend a lot of time having fun to dye!
Elmo Coloring Pages
  • We have a different picture showing the helmet in a position that could indicate that he is holding something. There are so many funny objects and details that you can stay here. So let your imagination unleash and show us what you would add to finish.
  • It’s time to celebrate in this next picture! With the party hat that Elmo wears here, this picture would be an excellent greeting card or a poster that added a little color. Some bright and lively colors are perfect for this, but this is just a way to do it. What are some other color approaches you can think of?
  • Go on the plate to dye a little fun with this next page we have for you! Elmo is in the middle of a baseball game, and it also seems to have fun. If you have a favorite baseball team, you could use your colors for your uniform here!
  • We have another photo that represents an excellent coloring page poster! If we were working on it, we would use some bright and solid colors for the circle surrounding it and the background. Do you want to color it like that?
  • It is time for the last painting helmet we have for you, and here it is, with some blocks that explain the name! It would be nice if I used different colors for each block, as this would help to make the picture alive and funny. We can’t wait to see how this one is!

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