Elegant Themes Review –  What do They Offer?

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Elegant Themes is a premium WordPress theme business that offers WordPress themes that are attractive while still being helpful to search engine optimization.

Elegant Theme is offered for a price of $89 during Black Friday events for 87 themes that are adaptable for usage on blogs in any field (fashion blogs, business blogs, ad monetized blog themes, etc).

In addition to the themes, you will have access to bloom, which is an email opt-in plugin, for the production of leads, as well as monarch, which is a social sharing plugin.

In this situation, you need nothing but the best WordPress blog theme that is super-affordable, has the trust of 437,821 satisfied users, and comes as a complete package including an email opt-in building (so that your list can grow) and a social sharing plugin (so that social traffic can increase), all for a price that is less than $89.

But before we get into that, how about we have an open and honest discussion about Elegant Themes? After all, it’s important to test the waters before diving in, right?

This page contains an honest and objective review of Elegant Themes, which you will find to be of great assistance to you. Now, let’s find out whether or not Elegant Themes is worth the money you spent on it.

What Are Elegant Themes?

The Elegant Themes subscription, developed by Nick Roach, is hands down the most attractive collection of WordPress Themes now available. They are contemporary and stylish, and you can use them to give your site an appearance that is clean and user-friendly. Elegant Themes offers a comprehensive choice of 87 premium WordPress Hosting like WPX Hosting that can be customized to meet the needs of practically any specific blogging niche.

To better understand why they are superior to StudioPress Themes, check out our in-depth comparison of Elegant Themes and StudioPress Themes. You’ll see that Elegant Themes comes out on top.

Elegant Themes has got you covered if you are seeking quality WordPress themes for your business blog or to develop your own specialty website. Elegant themes also come with a broad choice of theme recommendations that are categorized by specific fields. They offer magnificent themes for fashion and lifestyle blogs, the greatest blog themes for charitable organizations, as well as elegant templates for corporate blogs.

In the same vein, you may use its latest themes such as Divi and Extra to create a great magazine-style theme for your fashion blog or beauty blog.

During the course of this Elegant Themes Review, we came to the conclusion that the Elegant Themes Shop is a cutting-edge website that offers excellent value for the money. They offer a wide range of themes that are suitable for any specific market, such as themes for fashion blogs, themes for professional businesses, and even a flexible DIVI builder for designing websites from the ground up.

Elegant themes are search engine optimization (SEO) optimized, have clean code, come with drag-and-drop builders, and are easy for non-coders to customize. You have access to 87 premium themes in addition to bloom, which is an email popup and content update plugin, and monarch, which is a social sharing plugin, for the low price of $89 just.

Custom SEO titles

Each blog’s title will consist of the blog’s name plus its description if the default setting is not changed. In the event that you desire to provide your homepage with a different title, elegant themes allow for the modification of custom titles.

Custom meta description

Because of this function, your theme will be more adapted to attract clicks from the search engine results page of google. You can use the meta descriptions to entice your readers to click on your link. Meta descriptions are vital for search engines like Bing, and you can use them to your advantage.

Canonical URLs

The practice of telling search engines which URL is the original and which URLs go to the same version of the information that was first published is referred to as canonicalization. This is a very important SEO feature because it protects your site from receiving a penalty for having duplicate material.

For instance, both www.domain.com and www.domain.com/index.html point to the same page, yet Google views this as duplicate content and treats it accordingly. Because of this, it is essential to utilize canonical URLs in order to point Google in the direction of the original source.

Loading time

It is crucial to have a theme that is lightweight in order to keep your readers and to rank effectively in search engines. According to one piece of data, forty percent of site visitors will leave if it takes too long for the page to load.

I just now looked at one of the posts related to their most recent theme, and I discovered that it takes almost three seconds to load! This is rather impressive given that we are aware that it will take significantly less time on our blogs, which are optimized to a greater degree than theme preview sites.

All New Visual Editor

Elegant themes are justifiably proud of their most sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing theme, DIVI. As soon as it was made available to the public, it garnered widespread attention and set a whole new standard for online design trends.

It is the most powerful WordPress Theme that can be used for a variety of purposes and can be easily adjusted using a drag-and-drop interface without the need for any code.

The Divi theme is the most popular WordPress theme in the world, according to statistics compiled by Builtwith.com. It enables users to construct homepages, landing pages, and engaging blog posts (including the addition of, among other things, different font sizes, boxes/buttons/pricing tables/testimonials), all without having to manually edit any lines of code (check out my Divi theme review here).

Interesting tidbit: the Divi theme is so robust that you don’t even have to look at the other Elegant Themes templates to see what else the company has to offer. It comes with pre-built website layouts that you can use right out of the box thanks to its built-in layout packs.

With the help of the A/B testing function, you will simply be able to determine which version of the button color or form brings in the most customers.

The Extra theme is another one that is used far too frequently. Here is a rundown of the most recent version of Elegant Theme known as “Extra,” and you won’t believe it when I tell you that it’s a miracle. If you own a blog (whether it be a blog about fashion or food or any other niche) or a magazine-style news blog where you want your content to be viewed, you will want to choose the Extra theme that is offered by Elegant Themes. Check out the demonstration of it here.

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