Does Masturbation Decrease the Testosterone Level

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What is the connection between testosterone level and masturbation and testosterone?

There are very few long-term effects of masturbation on the T level but most of the side effects of masturbation are temporary or short-term effects.

Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone also known as T levels that plays a salient role in the production of sperm, regulates sex drive, fat distribution, muscle strength, and building, red blood cell production, and also maintains the number of sperm.

Masturbation is a common and safe activity that built-up sexual activities. Masturbation is a natural pleasure by exploring your body but the one question one should know about is whether it affects the T level or not.

What does the research data reveal?

 Does masturbation decrease the T levels? Is the most debatable question in research which requires more research to answer the particular question? There are many studies that have been completed so far are as follows;

According to a study which was done in 1972 there are no direct or noticeable effects of masturbation on T level have been seen yet so far.

But an increased level of T has been noticed in a study done in 2001.

In 2007 a study suggested that masturbation increased the androgen receptors (used by testosterone) and increased the density of estrogen receptors in the brain.

The effects of abstinence on testosterone levels

According to a study in 2003, it was suggested abstinence from masturbation can increase the testosterone level in the blood. The major effects include the length of testosterone level after abstinence.

Erectile dysfunction no hormonal treatment also affects the T level in men, as suggested by a study in 2003.

The researcher found an imbalance in T level in patients who resume sexual activity after treatment or cannot be the same in men for whom treatment was ineffective.

Muscles building and masturbation

Testosterone is considered a male hormone because it helps in synthesizing the protein which helps in the building of muscles.

There is very little research has done so far to reveal that there are no such long-term effects of masturbation or low T levels on muscle building.

Apart from masturbation affecting your healthy diet or muscle-building regimen plays an important role in the faster building of muscles.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

There are several proven benefits of masturbation that include the following things;

  • It helps in relieving stress or decreases the stress level
  • It may also reduce the sexual tension from which one can suffer
  • It may reduce or relax the anxiety level
  • It may improve the sleeping disorder or any kind of depression
  • Alleviating cramps
  • It Will help in improving your sex life
  • One can get knowledge of their sexual desires

Risk or side-effects of masturbation

Although masturbation is harmless, some people may experience abrade if they are too rugged. Here are some major side effects that are often seen after too much masturbation.


Some people feel the guilt of conflict with their spirituals, cultural beliefs, and religions. But masturbation is not wrong at all.

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