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Do You Also Ignore The Air Car Filter?

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Taking care of your vehicle is the responsibility of every vehicle owner. However, sometimes people ignore some parts of the vehicle due to over busyness, which leads to heavy damage later. If you do not get the air filters checked on time or do not replace them at the right time, then later there will be a loss of thousands of rupees in the maintenance of the vehicle. In this news, we are going to tell you about the air filter installed inside the vehicle.

Increased risk of carbon deposition

If you drive your car in a dusty place, then your car’s air filters get clogged quickly. If the air filters are not cleaned or replaced on time, carbon starts accumulating in the vehicle. This also increases the chances of the engine light being triggered.

Impact on mileage

If the carbon has accumulated inside the air filters of your vehicle, then you will get a different side smell from your vehicle. If you do not get the air filters cleaned on time, then the car starts drinking more fuel, due to which you also get to suffer financially. Therefore, it is very important to get the air filters of the vehicle cleaned or replaced from time to time.

Increased risk of misfiring

For information, let us tell you that due to a dirty air filter, the mixture of air and fuel causes carbon deposits. Soot residue tends to accumulate on the spark plugs and can cause misfiring in a petrol engine.

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