Discovering the Flavors of Chicken Inasal

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Are you a chicken lover? Then, try the chicken inasal. It is a perfect dish that you can have your dinner and even lunch. The best feature of the dish is the grilling temperature and softness of the chicken. Let’s begin with the blog.

The origin of Chicken inasal

Every dish has a history that reflects the area in which it got originated first. Also, it includes the tradition of that specific location. Similarly, the history of the chicken recipe takes you to the city of Bacolod. After the chicken inasal origin, the recipe propagated to other parts of the world. Now, you can easily have this dish in any restaurant.

What makes the dish so popular? It is the way people cook the recipe. Often it is named as a roasted form of chicken. Unlike the typical chicken dish, you must grill the chicken with some sauces and ingredients. Hence, its unique style and ingredients make this particular recipe. In Bacolod, people there love to eat food. They usually add a different combination of flavors to the food. For instance, they combine rice and vegetables along the chicken to make it a delicious dish.

The recipe is only complete with the addition of hot sauces. The Dingolay Hot sauces brand provides the yummiest flavors to the food. The dish is effortless, and within a short period, you can cook this dish. Also, it requires a few ingredients. The sauce here plays a significant role in enhancing the flavors. Due to the sauce, you won’t need any additional spicy or tangy flavors. So, let’s now discuss the discovery of hot sauces.

Discovery of the hot sauces

Hot sauce is a magical ingredient that acts as a taste developer or enhancer. You will be surprised to hear that it comes with a great history.

The concept of flavors only comes with the thought of spiciness, savor, sweetness, and tanginess. Initially, there wasn’t a great concept of adding those flavors to the food. People usually consume raw and boiled vegetables. Simple food was typical for a long time, but how did it evolve?

The concept of food or its flavors changed because of the discovery of peppers. Peppers were rare to have. However, Mexicans were the people who were fond of peppers. They harvested peppers; it was often considered the first-grown plants.

Upon harvesting those, they wanted to add more variety to the flavors. Hence, they traded for distinctive types of peppers and even crossed-breaded them. However, searching for unique food tastes, they started experimenting with something extraordinary.

They took some peppers and mixed them with a diluted vinegar solution. Capsaicin is a chemical agent that is found in peppers. After fermentation, they were able to discover the first hot sauce. Capsaicin produces hotness in the hot sauce, and you can measure the level of hotness through its scale. You can try the Dingolay Hot sauces to satisfy your craving for hot sauces.

How is the combination of Grill chicken with hot sauces?

Unlike barbequed chicken or fried chicken pieces, chicken inasal is something unique. The recipe includes two significant steps; one is the marination of the chicken, and the other is its grilling. You have to follow some common tips for making the chicken. This dish needs to have tenderness and juicy flavors till the last bite.

If you are wondering how this is possible, then it requires practice. Similarly, the recipe is easy, grill the chicken perfectly. A slight high or low grilling might ruin the dish’s taste, so be careful.

To prepare the recipe, start off with marinating the chicken. You will have lemon grass, butter, ginger, dingolay hot sauce,brown sugar, and vinegar. Mix these ingredients with the chicken pieces. Then, the next step is grilling. When grilling, don’t over-roast the chicken. Make sure it is soft and fully cooked from the inside. When the chicken is ready, you can further drizzle the hot sauce to bring exotic flavors to your mouth. The actual taste of the dish is mild, but the hot sauce can make the dish more flavorsome.

You can have it along the platter of rice. Or, if you like sandwiches, shred the grilled chicken in the bread. Therefore, you can have it in any form you want.

The takeaway

The chicken inasal is a healthy recipe. However, if you want to enhance the original flavors of the dish, then what are you waiting for? A hot sauce is a magical enhancer of flavors, hence, drizzling it over the chicken can multiply its flavors.

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