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Difference Between Mobile Phone Insurance And Damage Protection Plan

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If the laptop is dropped or a tea cup knocks on it, it will replace the parts. Likewise, any ‘accidental’ damage to it, although the company will try its best to avoid it. Damages caused by wear and tear, scratches, etc., are not covered.

Accidental damage is an insurance policy, not a warranty. The product is not guaranteed to be defect-free (which is what a warranty covers). If the product gets damaged in an accident (aka, a “casualty”), the manufacturer promises to pay for repairs. This warranty might not cover a defective product. In most cases, you have to prove some form of a traumatic event followed by failure to claim the accidental damage coverage.

Onsite – 

Parts will be replaced at your place by the service guy. It only covers issues like a display that doesn’t work due to a manufacturing defect or a heat sink that doesn’t work due to heating problems.

A warranty, by contrast, guarantees that a product is free from defects. In the event of a defect, they will provide repair services. In case the product stops working, this will cover you. Accidents, however, are unlikely to apply. The product should have survived unless it was involved in an accident it shouldn’t have survived.

In addition to a regular warranty, an onsite warranty allows the repairman to come to your home or business. As a result, the object is usually repaired faster and more conveniently when it would be difficult to pack and ship it to a repair facility.

Insurance policies are being redesigned in response to changing consumer expectations, needs, and requirements. Medical care costs are increasing at an unabated pace, while traditional policies no longer protect policyholders against everyday risks. One of the highest health expenditures in the world is accounted for by out-of-pocket expenses alone, which account for about 62.6 percent.

Therefore, one should emphasize customized and affordable insurance products beyond traditional ones. For instance, it offers ‘Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions’, small-ticket insurance products.

Which is the best plan? :

It is important to consider what types of losses you want to cover before choosing the best plan for your situation:

  • Loss coverage if your phone is lost or stolen
  • Dropped, wet, etc. damage
  • Post-warranty (after the extended warranty) mechanical/electrical malfunctions

In addition, you can do some math to see whether insurance makes economic sense for the value of your phone once you’ve identified what losses you are worried about.

What is the importance of mobile insurance?

Valuable Mobile 

Samsung mobile insurance is very important if you own a very valuable phone.

Mobile is damaged  

After falling many times, the lifetime of your mobile becomes uncertain, and you need to repair it again and again. In such situations, you may want to get the mobile insured. Therefore, it is important to know these things when buying OnePlus, iPhone, or Samsung mobile insurance

For your reference, here is a list of the same:

Coverage provided – 

Check the insurance policy to see what is covered, as some policies only cover the damaged screen and not the rest of the device.

Easy claim settlement –

Also, insurers should make claiming as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Extended warranty offered – 

There are a few policies that offer an extended warranty. Most top mobile brands provide a limited warranty; however, you can extend this warranty with iPhone insurance in India.

Mobile insurance: how does it work?

iPhone insurance India cover accidental and liquid damage and provide free screen protection if your screen is damaged. In addition to covering the costs of repairing damages to a mobile phone, mobile phone insurance plans also offer a host of added benefits and services:

  • With device security features such as anti-virus protection, anti-malware protection, remote data wipe, fraud website protection, automatic app scans, SIM blocking, IMEI registration, etc.
  • Additionally, such a plan would cover repair costs in case of accidental damages. 
  • Some plans offer financial recovery in the event of loss, theft, or loss of the device. 

In order to claim a mobile protection plan, members will have to pay a standard deductible amount per claim they wish to make. These amounts will be determined according to the cost of the handset. The insurance or protection plan covers almost all smartphones made by reputed brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, One Plus, Vivo, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and others. However, it is only available for new handsets.

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