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Dental Braces: Things To Know Before Getting Them

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Braces in Ottawa have been a popular orthodontic treatment for treating issues like overcrowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth. Many people suffer from bite problems such as an underbite, scissor bite, or overbite that can be fixed through dental braces to a great extent. Conditions like overcrowded, misplaced, or unaligned teeth not only cause speech and chewing problems but also disrupt the aesthetic appeal of the dental structure. Braces are dental tools that take advantage of the teeth’s ability to shift and relocate whenever there’s a space or gap in between.


What are dental braces?

Braces have been used as an effective dental treatment over the years to treat issues concerning the alignment and positioning of the teeth. Traditionally, metal braces were widely in use that caused great discomfort and pain to the wearer. The metal braces, when positioned often led to sores and damage inside the mouth. Not only did it make the process uncomfortable but also made it appear appalling. Braces are mostly worn by adolescents and young people and these metal ones can lead to them feeling underconfident. However, things have evolved significantly with new ceramic and invisible braces in use that are less noticeable and more effective than ever. These braces slowly straighten the misshaped teeth structure by applying constant pressure on the desired teeth. They can be either fixed or removable as per the patient’s preference and convenience.

Types of dental braces

Advancements in the field of medical science and technology have led to a wide range of services available at Dental in Ottawa. Be it basic dentistry solutions or specialized cosmetic and orthodontics treatment, one can avail of varied advanced treatments aimed at treating specific dental issues. Braces for treating crooked and misaligned teeth no longer come with pain and discomfort. There are multiple types and techniques used for such orthodontic treatment that ensures practicality and comfort at the same time. There’s no one size that fits all in this regard. Hence, you should consult a dentist and they’ll prescribe the best appliance that will suit your needs. Some most popular types of dental braces include the following:

  • Metal Braces: These are one of the most popular and traditional braces that include metal brackets attached to the front of the teeth and bands around each tooth. Rubber or metal ties are used to keep both the brackets and bands intact. These are fixed dental tools that exert constant pressure on the teeth and bring them to their ideal positions. Furthermore, metal braces are supported by a device called headgear that ensures added pressure to facilitate teeth straightening.
  • Ceramic Braces: These are an upgrade to traditional metal braces and are made with tooth-color ceramic that is not so prominent to the naked eye. They are a bit pricier as compared to metal braces but offer high efficiency, comfort, and appeal. Ceramic braces in Ottawa can be made of multiple materials such as gold, steel, etc.
  • Aligners: The latest addition to the braces category, aligners are invisible braces that can be self-worn, removed, and cleaned at the patient’s convenience. Aligners are clear plastic trays manufactured using 3D mapping and imaging to figure out the amount of pressure necessary to fix the tooth positioning. Along with great ease and comfort, aligners ensure great efficiency if worn for 22 hours regularly.

Multiple Benefits of Braces

Orthodontics Dental in Ottawa is much more than a mere fixture of misaligned teeth structure. Braces being a popular dental tool can resolve multiple issues concerning dental health that have a significant impact on the overall dental condition. Many people presume that braces are permissive and not so essential. They fail to acknowledge the multiple advantages of getting braces other than teeth straightening. While it’s true that orthodontics help in improving the aesthetics of your dental structures, there are varied other benefits of it such as:

  • Aid in speech impairment – A misaligned or crooked set of teeth can impact our pronunciation or the way we sound out words. Therefore, it is important to have rightly positioned teeth for clearer speech and reduced slurring of words. Getting braces can help in adjusting the teeth and offer more space for the tongue to move around.
  • Improve overall dental health: Straighter and aligned teeth are much easy to clean, floss, and maintain as compared to overcrowded or misaligned sets of teeth. Once you have a properly positioned set of teeth, activities like chewing and cleaning become easier. Since cleaning is rightly done, the overall dental health is taken care of while reducing the chances of other problems.
  • Boost confidence: Although braces may feel a bit disturbing initially, they help in resolving teeth positioning and aesthetics permanently. Once you follow the dentist’s instructions and use the braces properly, you can expect a healthy and good-looking dental structure. This adds to the confidence of those struggling with misaligned or uneven sets of teeth.

Bottom Line

Orthodontic treatments like braces in Ottawa yield a variety of benefits both in terms of dental health and aesthetics. Now that you know the different types of braces and the multiple advantages that come along, it’s time for you to get one. Consult your dentist today!

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