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6 Wonderful Tips to Decorate Your Home on the Eve of Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner. It is one of the most beautiful and colourful festivals in India, a country known for its unity in diversity. The festival is celebrated by not only Christians but people from other faiths as well. Truly speaking, Christmas rings the bell of festive mood and celebration to welcome New Year. For many, it is the ideal time to decorate or redecorate their home. This year, think out of the box and try out something new for your home decoration. Sounding difficult? Here are our tips on how you can accomplish the task.

Go for a Classic Touch

‘Monochromatic’ is a classic and timeless combination. It creates a vibe less likely possible with other combinations. The combination is simple; still, it stands out on strength of its elegance. Wherever you use the combination, it spreads a cool and sleek feel throughout your interior.

Try out Trendy Ideas


Sticking with ‘black and white may seem like little monotonous. So, add your creative thinking to modern ideas; it will spell wonder at every corner of your interior!

Candy-coloured Christmas accessories look great. But you can customize them to give them a nice innovative touch of your own. Use ribbons to decorate the accessories. Believe me, they will look better.

If you love to give your nest a vintage feel, go with some fascinating colours like royal blue, and peacock blue.

Less Not Always Means Ugly

It’s wrong to assume that traditional interior decoration leaves no or little room for innovation. Here are some ideas about how you can go creative while sticking to tradition for your home decoration:

  • Use fewer items having a strong presence to decorate your home.
  • Decorating Christmas lights sometimes gets difficult. Using a Christmas tree is a much better idea as it comes with lights.
  • Don’t use too many colours as it will give a chaotic look to your home. Choose only a few colours to decorate your home in order to make it look chic and beautiful.
  • These days, fruits and vegetables are also used as home decorative elements. This is because they look colourful and beautiful. What is more, they smell nice!
  • Use only one colour of lighting for the Christmas tree. It will create a ‘cool’ feel in your home. Switch other lights off and the interior will look incredibly perfect.
  • Welcome the garden outside into your home by placing potted plants in a corner of your drawing and dining room. A touch of green will make you’re interior look pretty and cool.

Adopt a Minimalistic & Refined Approach

Keep it simple – that is the best mantra to make your interior look most beautiful! A combination of neutral materials and light neutral colours will do the magic. It is a great combination of luxury and comfort. The combination creates a warm and elegant ambience that symbolizes the true spirit of Christmas.

Flowers Not Gone out of Favour

Nothing can beat the rustic charm of flowers if you intend to build up a natural ambience in your interior. Though artificial flowers are much in use these days, the natural flower is always a better alternative. If possible, use seasonal flowers. You can hang them on your window or door. You can also put the flowers into a flower vase and use it as a centrepiece. Also, think about using ribbons as these will give a touch of warmth to your flower decoration.

Use Lanterns

Lanterns are very much in for interior decoration. You can use more than one lantern for your purpose. Fill up the lanterns with pretty Christmas accessories. You can also put a candle or LED light inside the lantern to brighten up your Christmas Party in a unique way.

Merry Christmas to All!

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