India is well known across the globe for its culture and tradition wear. Did you ever think what makes Indian culture interesting and renowned? What is the difference between India and other countries’ culture? All the countries have their different ways of greetings, dressing, celebrations, seasons to celebrate, and much more.

Let’s focus on Indian culture and traditions which are different from any other country across the globe.


In any country where the males and females reside together, they must be experiencing a marriage ceremony in their life. The difference lies in the concept of marriage. In India, you can find both arranged and recently the love marriages are counted more. In the early days, the concept of arranged marriage was popular. The parents select the life partner for their wards with their consent.

With the passing of the time, a huge change has been observed. But, the concept of arranged marriage is not violated. This is something which is found in India only.

The arranged marriage in India is not the bond between the two people only, but it is counted as the bond between the two families and two communities.

Therefore, this marriage function in India is celebrated with much enthusiasm and love. The dresses worn by people and especially, the bride and bridegroom are special and different from regular formal wears.

If you would visit any garment shops like ladies ethnic wear in Amravati, you would find the gorgeous collection of wedding dresses that would closely faint you with its prices that range from some thousands to lakhs. People also interestingly shop these wedding dresses. It is said in India that the marriages are already set in heaven.

Indian dance forms

Every country has their different dance forms. Dance is found on every country’s land. India is enriched with different folk and classical dance forms. The countries other than India are mostly seen performing western dance forms.

The dresses for Indian classical dance forms are absolutely gorgeous and incomparable. You won’t be getting to see it any local garment retailer shop. These dresses are either tailored especially for individuals or there are limited shops or boutiques that avails the services of selling or renting these kind dresses.

It is easier to find in designer ladies boutiques, for example, the designer ladies boutiques in Amravati is stocking the classical dance forms dresses to sell as well as to avail it on rents.

The different states in India have their dance forms. Like,

  • Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh
  • Kathak from North, West and Central India
  • Sattriya from Assam
  • Bharatnatyam from Tamil Nadu
  • Manipuri from Manipur
  • Kathakali from Kerala
  • Oddisi from Odhisa
  • Mohiniyattam from Kerala

The above listed are some of the classical dance forms from the different states in India. These classical dances are performed according to the rules and guidelines. In all the above dance forms, a part of any historical event is narrated in a story that is explained through different dance gestures.

Indian ethnic wear

Come to the Indian dress category and you will find the huge stock lying everywhere. Swear it won’t be an easy job for you to just select the best or only a few dresses out of the huge stock.

Indian people are well known for their unique and aesthetic dressing sense. They simply look gorgeous and beautiful any traditional dress they wear every day or occasionally. Out of many dresses, the sari is the sign of Indian traditional wear.

The people of other countries often copies to wear Indian dresses and sari, but it never gives that appealing looks which an Indian woman emits wearing the same dresses and sari.

The sari is worn in different styles and it adheres to religious etiquette. Blindly visit any fashionable garments shops in any Indian state like ladies boutique in Amravati and you can find some of the best designer Indian dresses and saris that will surely pull the bucks from your pocket.


In the early days, fasting was counted as the most integral part of Indian culture. The women residing in the different states of India believe and keep per their religion and custom. These Indian women celebrate these fasting not less than any ceremony. They wear gorgeous dresses on these days. Special shopping is done for the dresses to be worn on these dates.

There are many important dates when these Indian women keep fast. Karwa Chauth is one of the fasts that is popular in every state woman and is celebrated with high hopes and beliefs.