Throw warmth with blankets
Throw warmth with blankets

Contracted Blankets – Comfort Created With Their Own Hands

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Contracted blankets, bedspreads and pillows always evoke in our minds the most touching memories of childhood, the house’s warm and friendly family atmosphere. Such things dont bought in the store, and you will not find them for sale. Lovingly created with their hands to warm in the cold night and become part of the family history.

A unique feature that distinguishes contracted wool sherpa blankets is that they can manufacture almost any fabric or remnants, even without crochet experience. Learning to knit a simple model of plaid motifs is possible, which we are now considering.

The motley multicoloured cover consists of twelve square motifs connected to a simple principle. Chain stitches merge in a circle, knitted with 3-column nakida, and four air loop operations repeated. In each subsequent row of columns, air loop, loop over the air (“sitting”) columns with sc. In the corners of the central theme added 4 air loops form a square; here, the principle of operation repeated in the first row. Finished motifs sewn or tied together to join the last row. Plaid in the photo-associated thread in two additions. Which makes the transition from one colour to another more uniform,In the same way you can create a theme in any other colour.

Ganchillo blankets of individual fragments of any shape are heavy and delicate. And they can complete some favourite circuits connected to each other in the process.

An elegant white blanket shape is divided into alternating squares with high-rise nakida and mesh with little heads. Grid squares are composed of ten cells in length and width dense squares – 20 bars SC with ten rows. Such shrunk blankets of cotton fabric seem too messy, but they easily to washed in a washing machine. Not recommended to use bleaching products, “whiteness”, from which the textile can acquire a yellow tint.

If your home has accumulated a sufficient number of threads, about the same composition and height, it can not be related to a combination of striped plaid columns and air cycles. It’s just a fun colour veil mof rows of different colours, according to the contour of the cloth around it, subject to the same rules as the colourful plaid motifs. Create a suitable for almost any thread to turn some of the old contracted things into a new cosy sherpa throw.

Ganchillo blankets for children

 A particular type of attractive product. The crochet work technique allows you to create a rectangular canvas and a veil or mat for games in the form of the hero of a beloved cartoon. Very comfortable blankets for babies with a hood on one of the corners; they can wrap the baby after bathing. . To the product was soft. Take the hook for larger rooms, and you can use and knit. Creating quilts with their own hands is functional, pleasant and exciting.

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