Confluence Cost vs Moovila Cost – How much Costs each?

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The Confluence Cost includes cloud-hosted plans that are ideal for small teams as compared to Moovila Cost. The Standard plan costs $5 per user per month, while the Premium plan starts at $10 per user per month. The free plan is also available but isn’t as robust as its paid counterpart.

Confluence Cost

Whether you are looking for an open-source project management tool or something more specific, Confluence Cost can be a great choice for your business. You can get started for free and there are plenty of options for pricing tiers.

Pricing tiers

Whether your organization is small or large, Confluence can help your team collaborate more efficiently. It’s a platform that combines documentation and project management. Having a document library helps teams stay organized, and allows them to share knowledge with one another.

Atlassian recently announced new pricing for its cloud-based products. The company’s new pricing tiers are the same as those for its on-premise software, but now users can pay for the exact number of users.

The company also announced that it’s adding two new features to its Confluence Cloud Premium plan. One is a new external collaboration feature. This feature allows users to share pages and child pages within a Confluence site.

The other is an analytics tool that provides deeper insights into how your team uses Confluence. It will be available soon. The features are in addition to existing features that were already available in the Standard and Premium versions.

The new pricing tiers also include a new data center option. This will allow organizations that have a Data Center to use Confluence. This will be available in Q4 of this year.

The new pricing tiers are an answer to requests from customers for more flexibility. Atlassian has also announced discounted pricing on certain cloud services used by Confluence and Jira tools.

The company has also announced that it’s adding a free Jira Software edition. This will provide users with an introduction to the popular product, as well as the ability to manage their own servers.

Enterprise plan

Choosing a Confluence Enterprise plan will depend on the size of your team. For startups and small teams, the free plan is the best option. This plan gives you unlimited spaces and pages, as well as a best-practices template library. It also provides 2GB of storage for all files.

If you want more storage, then the paid plans will suit you better. You can choose between the Standard, Premium, and Server plans. The Premium plan includes everything the Standard plan offers plus the analytics feature. This provides deeper insights into your team’s usage, enabling you to make better resource decisions.

Confluence is a great tool for team collaboration. It allows you to create and edit pages in real-time. It also allows team members to comment on pages, tagging other team members. You can also assign tasks, and track your team’s activities.

Confluence is an ideal tool for any company that needs centralized communication, a centralized feedback loop, and agile communication. It is particularly useful for teams that have a remote workforce.

Confluence is a cloud-hosted application. This means that you can manage your site from a web browser. It comes with a seven-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you must renew your license every year.

Confluence Server and Data Center plans offer total control of your Confluence site. They also give you the ability to add custom field request forms and Kanban boards. You can also create Gantt charts to visualize your project schedules.

Atlassian Confluence is the same software company that made Jira, Trello, and Bitbucket. It integrates well with other Atlassian products. It supports a number of file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

Standard plan

Using Confluence is a great way to share files and keep track of your team’s activities. Confluence has a number of plans to suit different organizations and budgets.

The free plan is ideal for small teams. The plan includes a library of templates, a macros tool, and 2GB of storage for up to ten users. It is also possible to create as many pages as you like.

The paid plans are for more users, more space, and a lot more support. In addition to the basic features, the paid plans offer a number of additional features, such as analytics. The analytics feature enables you to monitor how your team is using Confluence and helps you make better resource decisions.

Confluence offers a seven-day free trial. You can also opt to pay monthly, or for a year. Depending on the type of team you’re trying to manage, a paid plan is the best way to go.

Confluence is ideal for remote teams. This collaborative tool enables teams to share files, keep track of tasks, and manage workflows in real-time. It is also a good choice for teams that are located in different time zones.

The Confluence Standard plan includes all the features of the Free plan and also includes a variety of tools to manage team members. These tools include a space and page permission function, archiving tool, and community support. It also offers standard support, audit logs, and self-help resources.

Confluence is a great choice for teams that want to get started using the software right away. It has great customer support and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The paid plans also offer extra features, such as a 99% uptime SLA, advanced toolkits, and analytics.

Free plan

Using Confluence can help teams to collaborate effectively, manage workflows, and track team activities. It also features an easy-to-use text editor, a search bar, and keyboard shortcuts. It also includes deep Microsoft Office integration. The software is available in a free version and five paid plans.

Confluence offers a free plan that works for teams of up to 10 people. It provides 2GB of storage and unlimited pages. In addition, it includes a template library, page versioning, and mobile support. You can also pay for more storage and use of advanced features, such as archiving pages and page permissions.

The free Confluence plan is great for start-ups on a tight budget. It is also a good option for small teams that require a single source of truth. However, if you have more than ten users, you should consider paying for a paid plan.

The Confluence Premium plan costs $10 per user per month. It provides access to all the basic features of the free plan plus unlimited storage, analytics, and a 99% uptime SLA. This plan also offers 24/7 premium support. It also comes with a free year of maintenance support. It also unlocks the analytics tool, allowing you to better manage your content and resource usage.

The Confluence Standard plan costs $5 per user per month. It is designed for small teams and mid-sized businesses. The plan includes an archiving tool, standard support, and community support. It also comes with 250GB of file storage. It includes a Confluence support portal and audit logs. It also includes a self-help resource center. It also comes with a seven-day free trial.

Confluence Server and Data Center plans are available for those who want total control over their Confluence sites. The Server plan includes one server deployment, while the Data Center plan gives you total control over the hosting environment.

Jira integration

Using Jira and Confluence together can be a powerful combination to break down the communication barriers between teams. These tools can help your team stay organized and productive. They can be used to keep track of ideas, projects, and tasks. They can also be used to provide critical information to the team.

These tools can be used together to create a single source of truth. The best part is that your team can find all of this information in one place. This means that your team spends more time using the information to be productive and less time switching between tools. This is particularly useful for DevOps teams.

One of the best features of Jira is that it helps your team to keep track of distinct tasks. This allows your team to easily assign tasks to each other. You can also use the workflow to assign issues to team members.

Another great feature of Confluence is the rich text editor. This allows you to add text, graphics, tables, and other files to a page. It also includes drag-drop functionality. You can also include comments from team members and other stakeholders.

You can also integrate other tools into Confluence. For example, you can integrate it with GitHub. This is a great way to stay organized and avoid duplicating work. You can also link your Jira knowledge base to your Confluence pages.

There are many other integration options available with Jira and Confluence. You can use Jira with Slack, Microsoft Outlook, or email systems. You may also want to consider integrating it with ServiceNow. This can help you to bridge development and testing, or to get your team on the same page with the project.

Moovila Cost

Moovila Cost is an AI-powered risk prediction and mitigation suite that helps you manage a broad range of risks. The product is capable of automating and facilitating the tedious tasks that you’re already doing and provides real-time monitoring of up to 20 potential risk factors.

Automates mundane task work

Moovila is a project management tool that aims to streamline mundane tasks like scheduling. It uses data collected from project activities to produce accurate capacity forecasts. The company’s chief claim to fame is that it helps ensure that team capacity is sufficient for the projects you’re working on.

Moovila’s customer support team is also on hand to assist you with any issues you may encounter. They are a great resource to turn to when you’re not sure what the best way to set up your software is. The best part is that they’re usually able to answer your question within minutes. They are also happy to provide a 15-minute free consultation.

Moovila has a lot of features to choose from, but two stand out. These include the Robotic Project Assessment Index and the Critical Path Engine. The Moovila can also help you visualize your portfolio and projects in a more dynamic fashion. Moovila also provides a nifty reference center that helps you learn more about its capabilities.

Moovila is also a good choice if you’re looking for a project management solution for larger companies. Moovila is an industry leader when it comes to resource management, and can help you get the most out of your existing IT systems. With its ability to automate mundane tasks, you’ll be able to devote more time and energy to more important matters.

The best part is that Moovila is also one of the more cost-effective solutions on the market. You can start using Moovila for as little as $24 per user per month.

Improves data availability & quality

Moovila is one of the most sophisticated and advanced project management software systems in the market. It offers a variety of solutions, which includes an AI-powered platform, which allows organizations to mitigate risks, track work, and produce accurate projects. Its Intelligent Project Control feature automatically monitors project risk and helps mitigate costly delays. This system is powered by Moovila’s flagship Critical Path Engine, which is built on the same path-finding technology that navigation apps use.

Moovila offers a comprehensive set of features, which includes a time clock that supports automated time tracking at the task or project level. It also integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar. This platform is optimized for organizations that are working in teams and are looking to accelerate project timelines. It also includes a built-in project manager and risk remediation tools.

Moovila also offers a built-in RPAX score, which automates project monitoring using AI. The score helps portfolio leaders track at-risk projects. It also helps project managers detect potential risks and bottlenecks. It also helps project managers track the financial impact of setbacks.

Moovila also offers a reference center and a help desk team that responds in minutes. Moovila offers a built-in debugger tool, which allows project managers to fix errors and build risk-free schedules. It also provides a traditional Gantt chart. It is available for Cloud and iOS.

Moovila also offers a traditional Gantt chart, which shows the project’s status and expected delivery date. Moovila also offers an automated time clock, which supports manual time entry at the task or project level.

AI-powered risk prediction and mitigation suite

Moovila is a software suite that helps project managers optimize resources and deliver on time. Its Intelligent Project Control feature automatically identifies risks and mitigates them. It also provides a dynamic project and portfolio visualization, making it easy to understand the status of your projects. It is designed to be a comprehensive tool for executives and teams alike.

Moovila also helps ensure your team’s capacity is adequate. It can accurately forecast capacity based on task-level data. It also includes a time clock, which supports manual time entry at the task or project level. Moovila also integrates with popular document and calendaring platforms. Moovila also includes a project debugger, which helps point out potential problems.

Moovila also has a comprehensive risk management system. Its RPAX score provides portfolio leaders with an objective measure of project risks. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically monitor your projects for problems. It also offers a help desk that responds within minutes. Moovila also provides a comprehensive reference center and rollout support.

Moovila integrates with several popular document management, calendar, and communications platforms. It also has an iPhone application. Its Critical Path Engine shows different paths through a project, highlighting delayed tasks. It also provides a comprehensive view of resource capacity, enabling project managers to make critical business decisions.

Moovila’s Intelligent Project Control feature suite uses AI to surface risks and mitigate them automatically. It also continuously analyzes project plans for hidden risks.

Project debugger

Moovila is a project debugger that can help you identify and mitigate risk while ensuring your team delivers on time. The software helps you identify and track your project’s most important risks and the corresponding measures of success, and it can also help you determine the best project management practices to use.

Moovila is an all-in-one project management solution that integrates the real-life schedules of the people who are working on your project, as well as the data they need to deliver on time. In addition to the time clock, Moovila can also help you integrate your project data into popular PM tools such as Microsoft Project, and even popular document management systems. It also offers a suite of Intelligent Project Control features that automatically detect and mitigate risks, so you don’t have to.

The software also includes a risk scoring tool, which will let you see how many risks are in your project plan, as well as what the potential impact might be. The company also offers an AI-based debugging assistant that can help you figure out what’s going wrong with your project. These tools and features are designed to help you make informed decisions about your project’s budget and resources.

Overall, Moovila provides an impressive suite of project debugger tools, and it has been designed to be user-friendly and robust enough to help you get the most out of your team’s time.


Moovila’s integrations and their offshoots have won the coveted throne of software and systems integration firms for several years running. Its high-quality software and hardware products provide an unparalleled level of quality, service, and support. And with over a decade of experience in software integration, Moovila has a proven track record of delivering a superior customer experience. As with all of our projects, your success is our top priority. With an expert team of software architects and implementation engineers at your service, you’ll be on the fast track to a smoother, more efficient software and systems implementation. And with our unrivaled expertise, you’ll be in good hands with the best possible partners for the long term.

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