Checklist for Google Mobile First Indexing

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In the current digital world, mobile-first indexing is a buzzword. On the internet, everybody talks about what needs to be done about it. However, none is stating the steps you should take for it. According to executives of an SEO company in Delhi, here is the checklist for Google Mobile First Indexing:

Mobile Version Configuration

The first thing on this checklist is to know whether the mobile version of a business or blog website is in either of the configurations mentioned below:

  • Responsive web design 
  • Separate URLs 
  • Dynamic serving   

Page load time and speed 

Every marketer and business owner should be aware of the importance of page load time and speed. Strategies for mobile-first indexing include the following points:

  • Examine and optimize mobile load time 
  • Study and optimize with Google PageSpeed Insights 

Meta Tags and allied tags 

In SERP ranking and content creation, tags are crucial. Business owners and digital marketers must value its importance. In On-Page Optimisation, you can’t ignore Meta Tags and allied tags while optimizing for mobile-first indexing. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Study and optimize the meta tags for the mobile version to know whether they are accessible and present for the mobile bot
  • After that, value the optimization of the alt tags to make your web pages available on smartphones with different screen sizes
  • Examine and optimize schema tags or structured data for the mobile version 


In terms of everything, your blogging or business website must be friendly to mobile. It is crucial, as the number of smartphone users is more in comparison with desktop/laptop users. To check mobile friendliness, you need to:

  • Check and optimize your website for mobile friendliness 
  • Find and resolve the errors mobile users might have while browsing your website on their smartphones 


In today’s world, smartphones are part and partial of our daily lives. So, making your website mobile-friendly is crucial for you. Having responsive web design and keeping all allied points can help you get a mobile-friendly website

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