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Car Dash Cam: A Guide To Choosing The Best Device For Your Needs

Indian roads are truly incredible. You’ll get to meet a variety of characters on these roads. From stray animals to rash drivers, from lost pedestrians in the middle of the road to goons — you might encounter anything here. But the best thing is they have got epic roads that may take your breath away and make you wish you were never born!

It is always advisable to have a car camera installed in one’s vehicle not just because it can serve as proof in self-defense situations, but also to provide security in case of any road rage.

Dash cams are a great way to reduce accidents and incidents on the road. They provide evidence that helps you to prove how the driver was driving and also help with improving road safety standards.

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is used by drivers to record everything that happens in front of the car — including speeding vehicles and poor driving. This helps with insurance claims and clears up confusion after an accident.

How does a Dash Cam work?

A dash cam is designed to record any incident which happens on the road of your car and alert you by sounding an alarm and sending you a notification at the same time. Also, you can save the recordings on your SD card.

Are Dash Cams legal in India?

Dash cams are gradually becoming popular in India. There is no specific law regarding the use of dash cams, so as far as the utility goes then yes. A dash cam in your car is similar to a CCTV at your property. As long as the purpose of the use is personal there shouldn’t be any objection. If you are visiting the premises of any defense establishments do take prior permissions and if they ask you to, you might have to disable your dash cam. Defense establishments in the country have a set of military laws which supersede civilian laws.

What are the advantages of using a dash cam in India?

Let’s look at some of the pros of using this device in the country.

I’ve got proof

The affordable car camera price in India is an advantage. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one when you can find them at such reasonable prices.

It’s not my fault

Car cameras are a must-have in today’s times when you are traveling by car. It can prove to be extremely helpful if it comes to proving that you weren’t at fault and that they were at fault while the confrontation takes place. Car cam footage will get you out of any bad situation easily, so make sure that you have one installed into your car before going on a long drive.

Sir, that’s not legal

Traffic Police is a tough job; they have to ensure that the public is safe on our roads. For that, we need traffic police cameras installed on our streets. They can also help reduce accidents by tracking the vehicles and their speed etc.

It’s recording

This dash cam will help record road rage and other incidents. You can also use it as a security surveillance device or commercial fleet dash cam.

Did you do this?

Dash cams are great if you want to protect yourself against a car accident. A dash cam can help you know what is happening in front of your car and also help you prove your innocence if someone accuses you of anything. Some cameras can be connected to the mobile phone so that they will stream the footage directly to your phone as soon as it gets started.

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