A Few Facts About Blue World Trade Center Islamabad

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The real estate market of Pakistan is expanding at a rapid pace with the increase in the development of residential and commercial projects. There is a huge development of such projects in major cities of Pakistan, such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. One such project is Blue World Trade Center in Islamabad. The Blue Group of Companies develops this project. It is known to be the tallest twin tower and skyscraper with all the facilities and amenities. Let’s discuss a few facts about the Blue World Trade Center. 

Blue World Trade Center 

Blue World Trade Center in Islamabad is a commercial project by the Blue Group of Companies. It is a recent development as the developers recently launched the project. Blue Group of Companies is developing this project, and Mr. Burair Nazir is the CEO of BWTC. Although it is a new project in the country’s real estate sector, there is an increase in demand for this project. One of the main reasons for the increase in demand is its prime location. It is present near the CPEC route, which increases its overall value.

The structural layout of the trade center shows that it is a 27-story tower featuring a shopping mall, corporate offices, and loft apartments. There are two basements which will be used for parking. In addition, due to its prime location and easy access from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the trade center will be known as the most sought cooperating destination, particularly for the real estate industry, orifices, and their relevant business.

Moreover, the main determination of creating this trade center is to create a real estate commerce center in Pakistan. It will have all the facilities and commodities that aid the company’s productivity and ease. Thus, we can say that BWTC Islamabad will be a one-stop shop for all your real estate needs. Also, we suggest you research Citi Housing Kharian, a great residential project in Gujrat. 

Developers and Owners

The Blue Group of Companies is a prominent conglomerate present in Pakistan. It has diverse business interests and operates across various sectors. The company works across real estate, construction, hospitality, and energy. The group also works on several high-profile projects throughout the country. The CEO of this commercial project is Mr. Burair Nazir, who has the vision of developing the project with state-of-the-art features. The developers aim to build the project on international standards. Therefore, they are involving companies from overseas in developing this project.

Furthermore, if we talk about the design and structure of this project, it is designed by highly expert professionals. The Blue World Trade Center Developers have hired professional designers and experts with experience designing and developing such projects. So, we can say that after its completion, it will be a great hit in the Pakistan real estate market.

No Objection Certificate

NOC is a document that is important not only for the investors but also for the developers. The management of any real estate project requires NOC to commence the development legally. In comparison, the investors need it because it ensures the project is safe and secure. Also, it is legal, and they can live in this society without worrying about fraud.

Blue World Trade Center NOC ensures that it complies with the relevant authorities’ rules, regulations, and legal requirements. NOCs often include verification of land use and zoning regulations. They ensure the property or project is being developed following a definite purpose. It also helps maintain the area’s integrity and ensures proper urban planning.

BWTC NOC also verifies that the necessary infrastructure and utilities are in place. The RDA also approves Blue World Trade Center Location. In addition, the No Objection Certificate also plays a crucial role in protecting the interests of buyers or investors. Developers ensure that their project meets legal and regulatory requirements by obtaining a NOC.

Facilities And Amenities

Blue World Trade Center will feature the largest shopping mall with all the major brand outlets. The shopping center will feature commercial spaces for retail outlets, stores, and other amenities. The mall will also feature a wide range of products and services for visitors. These products include fashion, electronics, home goods, entertainment, and dining options.

Moreover, the corporate offices are a key component of the BWTC. Corporate offices provide workspace for businesses, companies, and organizations. The offices also provide a professional environment for administrative, managerial, and operational activities.

Corporate offices in Blue World Trade Center Islamabad will accommodate various businesses, ranging from multinational corporations to local enterprises. These offices may offer modern amenities, infrastructure, and facilities conducive to conducting business operations effectively. Also, the blue world trade center amenities will meet all the business needs. 

Current Development Status of BWTC

If we talk about the BWTC development, it is at a rapid pace. The developers are working hard, and the groundbreaking ceremony of the trade center took place a few months back. Highly professional developers with a dedicated workforce and heavy machinery are working onsite. It is expected that the developers will complete the project at the earliest.

If you are a sports lover, consider investing in the Sports Valley Block of the Blue World City.


In the article, we have discussed a few facts about the Blue World Trade Center. After reading the article, we hope you can now make an informed decision. So, for investment and booking, consult Pakistan NO.1 real estate agencies, such as Sapphire Properties, to discuss your investment options. 

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