Best Tools For Small Business

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here is the list of tools that will help your business

1. Website Builder:

It is very hard to run a business without a website. Running a business without a website means making coffee without sugar. It is a sweet spot for your business, where can find the right customers who are searching for your products on search engines.

Myth: Creating a website need coding language

Yes, this myth was true in 2014 around. But now, you can create a website without coding language. There are drag-and-drop builder websites. Following is the list of website-building platforms that will help you to create a website for your business.

1. WordPress

2. Wix

3. Shopify

4. site123

The much preferable option among the above is WordPress. There are 37% of websites are built in WordPress Builder. WordPress websites are highly customizable, reliable, and easy-to-use content management system. It is completely free.

2. Content writing tools

Hmm, now your business website is running online. Now, you need to create content related to business products/ services so that customers will know your business and find your business online.

Before creating content, small business owners generally do keyword research, plan keywords related to the blog, then do lots of research on that content then write the blog. It’s a very lengthy process. Here are some tools that will minimize your work.

1. WriteSonic

2. Rytr

3. Jasper

4. Quillbot

These are the tools that will help you to write content for your website. Quillbot is the most useful tool of these tools. This tool have a parallelism checker, grammar checker, and co-writer like lots of options that will minimize your content writing work.

If you want to slightly push to write content on desired blog post on desired topic then tools like Rytr, Writesonic, and Jasper will help you. These are artificial intelligence-based tools that will write content for you. These tools are not limited to your website they can also write content for social media. They all have different options, like writing content for Facebook Instagram LinkedIn.

e.g. I want to write a blog on Digital Marketing

3. Search Engine Optimization Tools:

Nowadays, search engine optimization is booming in digital marketing. Now, you have your business website. You have written your content related to your Neish on your website. Now, you want users will see your website on different search engines on desired location.

For that, you need search engine optimization tools to have lots of tools, but here is a list of some tools that will help you to rank your content online.

1. Semrush

2. Ahrefs

3. Uber suggest

These are the top tools that will help you to rank your content in search engines. These tools will minimise all SEO errors ( on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and product-based SEO errors).

P.S: Don’t forget to use these magical tools from google: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google tag manager.

4. Email Marketing tools:

Now you have created a website. Content and you have done the SEO of your website. Now you have you are customer’s email list. Now you need to do one thing that engage your customers with your brand.

How will you do it?

On the internet, there are many email marketing tools but some of the best tools for email marketing for small businesses are Here 👇🏻👇🏻.

1. Mailchimp

2. Sendinblue

3. Mailer lite

All of these tools have a free plan that helps you can send up to 10000 emails to your customers. You will get other features like segmentation, A/B testing, and CSV file support in these lists.

5. Customer engagement:

Customer engagement is the main component that you need to always take care of it.

What is the crucial part of running a business? 👨‍⚖️

  1. Targeting irrelevant keywords on your website
  2. If website is not eye-catching, and website is loading faster.
  3. Customers are facing lots of problems with your website.

You can relate to this example: If I’m searching for a Hollywood movie on Google. “I want to download the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I saw that website on Google and clicked on the website, but I found that the website is only showing information on the Pirates of the Caribbean cast and movie details, but I can’t download that movie on that website. so, my next action is, I will go back to Google and click another website where I found download links.” So, within 5sec I came back from that website. If the same thing happens with lots of other people, then the bounce back rate of that website will increase.

If you want to address customers’ behavior in your business and want to stick your customers with your business for the long run. Then creating an online community will help you.

How can you do that?🤷‍♂️

Talking with your customers helps you to improve your brand. You need to interrogate where your brand is failling and what are the strong points of your brand. In short, the pros and cons of your brand. You will get customer feedback. No need to send weekly emails if you have a Community Management tool. You can directly be asked me to have customers like where can improve our brand.

Which is the best Community Management platform


2. Mightynetworks

3. Circle

These are the community management platforms, but one of the best is Uuki. Easy to use, reliable, and has many customization options. Long-term customer support and one of the best parts is that UUKI is pocket-friendly compared to competitors. You can get lots of features in the basic plan.

6. Remote Team Management Tools

By the time your business will increase if you are running a remote company then the following tools will help you to work remotely.

1. Slack

2. Zoho

3. keka

Here is the list of tools that help you control your company remotely. Because one of the best options on my experience is keka. Keka can manage you are monthly payment, and It can differentiate the management team, email marketing team, digital marketing, and developer team. Creating tickets, payroll section, like all stuff present in keka.

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