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Every individual wants to groom their blank balcony, and make their house look pleasant. It is very exciting to choose different figures for brightening up your balcony. You can go for flowers, creepers, conifers, herbs, and succulents for your balcony, and make your balcony a comfort place for you. The most important thing to consider while getting the best flowers is the location of your house or apartment. Different plants have different requirements and each of them grow differently. While choosing a specific plant you must have the knowledge of the conditions in which they have optimum growth. Some plants grow well in small areas, whereas some plants need less sun and others need lots of sunlight. Many plants can bear any wind speed, whereas others need to be protected from high winds. Keeping all the conditions in mind, we have brought the best plants that you can have in your balcony:


These need shaded environment for their growth and are preferred to be kept in lightly shaded areas. These bloom every year when given the optimum conditions. These have beautiful petals as well as mesmerizing leaves. The leaves of this plant give a more beautiful texture and grace to the plant, and these are one of the most pleasant plant options to have in your balcony. You can send flowers online to Kolkata and surprise your loved one with these rare flowers, and have them grow these beautiful flowers in their balcony. 


The most loved flower options after roses, chrysanthemums will never fail to brighten up your eyes every morning when you these creatures growing in your balcony. These come in different sizes, colors, and shapes, and you can choose from among the large varieties of the same. Chrysanthemums need space to grow and if you have a big balcony then you can surely go for these beauties. These will make your balcony more graceful and peaceful. 


These are again another blessing of nature. Orchids grown in balcony will make your house look more elegant, and will make you feel fresh every morning and every time of the day. Orchids signify thoughtfulness, refinement, and love, and having these flowers around you will make you feel more positive. Orchids need good sunlight so if you have a balcony that receives ample amount of sunlight then you can surely go for these flowers. You can also send orchid flower bouquet to your special one, and make them feel loved. 


These are shade loving plants that give their best look in hanging baskets. The drooping look of these flowers will give a fancy and charismatic look to your balcony. These are perennial flowers, and having them in your balcony will result in an increase in birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds. You can enjoy the presence of these creatures along with your beautiful fuchsia. Get these elegant flowers in your balcony and make your balcony look more beautiful and livelier. You can arrange for flower delivery in Bangalore and get these flowers for your balcony. 



These spherical shaped flowers are one of the greatest options for having a beautiful and elegant vibe in your balcony. Hydrangea can grow in a limited space and will grow even if you have a small balcony. These flowers need to be watered frequently. Hydrangea should be given abundant water with ample amount of sunlight. So, if your balcony has a good source of sunlight, then growing hydrangea in there is a great option. 

These are some of the best plant options to have in your balcony and give your balcony a beautiful look. Choose the best option depending upon the location and size of your balcony. If you have a good source of sunlight, then choose the plants which grow best in that condition. But if you have a shaded balcony, go for a shade-loving plant, and see how the grow the best in the provided environment. Also, make sure you select the plant that suits your schedule. If you have time to water the plants daily, then choose the plant accordingly. But if you do not have time to water them daily, then get the plants that can survive without being watered for a few days. Make sure to take care of the plants as much as you can as they not only beautify your surroundings, but also purify the air around you and help your breath in clean air. Have a great day!

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