What to Look For Before Starting Your BBA Studies?

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BBA, Bachelor in Business Administration, is an undergraduate program chosen by students who want to pursue their careers as business managers or owners. This professional degree has become popular among students over a short period. In short, we can say that this program teaches the students to supervise and carry out business-related operations in any organization. 

Scope of BBA

This program focuses on finance, sales, and marketing. All of them have high demand in all business sectors, which makes the scope of this degree very wide. If you pursue your degree from a reputable university in Karachi for BBA, you can have many opportunities in both the government and private sectors. You can work in positions like supervisor, planner, and administrator just after completing your degree. Some reputed firms can hire you as a Business Consultant, Human Resource Manager, or Marketing manager too. It depends on your skill too that how much you pick up from your course and be able to apply it on the field. Some factors you should look for before choosing the university are;


An experienced faculty can be an essential factor in your education quality. The professors of BBA should have experience in teaching and industry as well. The knowledge you get from working in the industry is much more different and reality-based than what you read in books. It is very important to be taught by industrially experienced teachers to get a better grip on topics. You will get to learn a lot from their experience. 

Course Structure

In the modern era, when everything is changing at a very rapid rate. It is also necessary to upgrade the course outline too. Old and outdated topics should be exempted, and contemporary topics should be added to the course curriculum. Before selecting your university, go through the complete course outline. It will help you determine whether they will teach you according to the current industry requirement. Studying old obsolete methods is useless. Instead, you should use your energy in learning modern techniques that will help you in the future, whether you do a job or set up your own business. 


BBA is a more professional course than others and requires industrial knowledge. You cannot just rely on bookish theoretical facts and excel in the field. Top universities of BBA provide exposure to their students by offering internships. Through internships, you get the chance to know the industry while still studying. It becomes beneficial in the future as you are not as new to the industry as other freshers are. Your job profile becomes more substantial and more confident after internships in reputable firms. 

Fee Structure and Scholarships

The fee structures of universities vary from very high to low. A good university does not hide any financial costs from the students. It makes it easier for the students to decide according to their budgets. Top universities also offer scholarship programs according to the merit number you achieve. You can get outstanding scholarships in Pakistan from reputable universities. 

Bottom Line

In today’s world, BBA is an excellent program to pursue. But you have to make sure to select a university which is offering quality education. The same degree can give you different features. It depends on the university you choose, so be very wise in making your decision. Select a university with experienced faculty, an updated course structure, and offers exposure through internships and fee structure according to your affordability.  Salim Habib University is one of the top-notch universities that offer an exceptional BBA program. Most students end up getting jobs in reputed firms or setting up their own businesses. So get yourself registered and pursue your dream education.


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