Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone
Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone

Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone Advanced Staff For Audit

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How did you come to develop an interest in your field?

I developed a passion for Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone in my first year at the University of Kentucky. So I was chosen to serve as my sorority’s Vice President for Finance. I adored the job enough that I decided to change my major to Biology towards accounting and Finance.

What was the first thing that enticed you to a career at Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone?

I found my internship with Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone through my school’s website. So for a business that regularly posts job opportunities and internships for business school students. I applied and was granted an appointment for training with the Internal Audit summer internship. I was immediately able to connect with the interviewers. Then, I knew that this was the location I wanted to work at.

Why did you decide you’d like a job in this field?

The people! The people here are knowledgeable, focused and refreshing. I’m part of something greater than me here, and I’m making an impact in my work.

What role do you play at Nestle aid in bringing about change globally?

I work in my department, the Internal Audit department so our objective as a unit is to bring value, knowledge and operational efficiencies to every task we undertake for all Nestle businesses, not only Nestle Purina.

We’ve heard that the ascension process through the audit/finance program can be challenging or complex. Do you agree?

Being an intern was the most challenging aspect for me to deal with: the learning curve. There are many things to be aware of and learn about during this position, which must be accomplished quickly. However, when you’re determined to do your best and seek help whenever required, you’ll transform this experience into a successful one.

What are some terms you might apply to describe your colleagues?

They are motivated, driven, genuine and hard-working. They are also inspiring and warm.

What is it that makes Nestle Purina more than just an office?

Nestle Purina is so much more than just a place to work. The staff here are genuinely concerned about your success and are eager to assist you to excel in your profession. Nestle Purina has many excellent programs to help you develop leadership skills, personal growth, work-life balance, etc. Everyone here is very welcoming and I feel at ease and supported here.

What did your experience as an auditor start with? What were the challenges?

I started working as an Internal Audit Intern in the audit department last summer. Another of the best aspects about working at this firm is that they train the trainees about Internal Audit and permit you to apply what you’ve learned in conducting the audit. Traveling is beneficial, as well.

Did you have mentors before you started working with Nestle Purina? What advice did they give you?

Yes, my manager and my first team leader were terrific mentors to me. They constantly provided me with feedback to ensure I was continually improving throughout my internship. They also regularly visited me to check what I was doing and always tried to demonstrate that they believed in and supported me. In addition, they were available when I needed help or had any questions.

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