All about Wine tour in Bangalore

All About Wine Tour in Bangalore

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The second-largest wine grape grower in India and the location of some of the nation’s most renowned wineries and vineyards in Karnataka. The most well-known wine districts in the state are Nandi Valley and Kavery Valley, which produce top-notch wines in a variety of kinds and styles, including excellent sparkling wines as well as easy-drinking fruit-forward wines that have been aged in barrels. On a guided wine tour offered by these wineries, take in the charm of the vineyards, sample the finest locally produced wines, and discover the finer details of winemaking. Most of these wineries are great day trip destinations because of their proximity to Bangalore.

Enjoy an educational guided wine tour that takes you to a renowned winery in Bangalore where you can learn about the process of making wine and the development of the area’s vineyards. This is going to be a fantastic tour that will increase your wine expertise. While strolling around the vineyards, get a behind-the-scenes look at the winery. Learn about fermentation, bottle labeling, and wine-tasting procedures as you tour the winemaking facility.

As strange as it may sound, one of the coolest and most interesting things to do during the cooler months is to explore the many vineyards located in the Bangalore suburbs.

Here are some of Bangalore’s top wineries for wine lovers to visit:

  1. Big Banyan Vineyard

The Big Banyan Vineyard, located close to Bangalore’s well-known 400-year-old banyan tree (also called dodda Alada mara by locals), first began making wine at its Goa vineyard approximately ten years ago and then extended to Bangalore in 2016 with the building of its second winery. It makes wine tours more engaging by combining 10 kinds of distinctive cheese with six different wines and takes place in a chamber with wood paneling and decorations depicting the winemaking process. This Bangalore vineyard, which spans more than a hectare of land and has a beautiful backdrop, offers visitors the chance to take a stroll while learning about the wine-making process or to watch the sunset while sipping on some delectable wine. They also provide guests the chance to hand-pick grapes from March through May.

  1. Grover Zampa Vineyard

Kanwal Grover, a businessman from Mumbai, eventually opened Grover Zampa Vineyards, one of the first wineries in Bangalore, as a result of his search for high-quality Indian wines. They were the first to deploy an optical sorting machine that quickly selects the best grapes for fermentation and has over 81 hectares of their vines. You can spend some quiet time in the company’s expansive vineyard learning about their wine-making procedure and getting suggestions for wine pairings. This Bangalore vineyard offers six different wines and sweetens the bargain with a delectable buffet meal in a wonderful setting with music.

  1. Kadu Winery

The winery, which was renamed Kadu Winery from Heritage Winery which means “wild” in Kannada, is Sula Vineyards’ fourth facility in Karnataka. The Kadu vineyard is the first wine producer in India to donate a portion of its sales to the conservation of tigers in Karnataka. On nine acres of property, you may have a guided wine tour, visit the tasting room to sample Kadu and Sula wines, discover the different aspects of winemaking, and eat at Epulo, the vineyard restaurant. For an extra fee of INR 500 per person, you can also participate in the Bangalore vineyard’s grape-stomping activity.

  1. Nandi Valley Vineyards

The 250-acre Kinvah or Nandi Valley Vineyards can currently generate 10 million liters of wine. Kinvah is a premium wine made from French grapes of the highest quality and is all about excellent life. More than just tasting wines and learning about wine production are included in the tour of this Bangalore vineyard. In addition, you are treated to a welcome drink and snacks, a visit to the plant, a three-course lunch, and an enjoyable grape-stomping activity.

  1. Myra Vineyards

For those seeking a magnificent and rewarding wine tour inside Bangalore’s city limits, Myra Vineyards is ideal. The winery offers both white and red wines, producing high-quality beverages that will please wine connoisseurs’ palates using various grape varieties and cutting-edge winemaking techniques. Ajay Shetty established this winery in December 2011 to produce exceptional wines that both experts and novices can appreciate. You may take part in an interactive wine tour at this Bangalore vineyard where you can sample different wines and learn about how they make wine.

Best time to visit any vineyard

If you want to observe how a winery or vineyard operates, fall harvest is a terrific time to go. The summer heat is subsiding, and winemakers are beginning to harvest and get their grapes ready for processing.

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