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All about Automatic Box Labeling and Print and Apply Label Machines

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Labeling is an integral and essential part of manufacturing. Today, labels can be applied directly to products, packages, or pallets. Manually printing and applying labels is time-consuming and is a needless struggle in the modern age. A Labeling Machine is equipment that dispenses, applies, or prints different labels on various products, containers, and packages. Labels provide essential information regarding the product. Today, multiple solutions, such as Automatic Box Labeling Machines, print-and-apply label machines, or custom-designed print-and-apply solutions to meet the specific company’s needs, are available.

As the name suggests, an Automatic Box Labeling Machine can label boxes on the front, side, back, top, and bottom or even apply a corner wrap at high speeds. A print-and-apply label machine creates and applies labels directly onto a product and its packaging. A print-and-apply labeling technology can automatically apply labels to almost any product on the market, i.e., consumer goods to pharmaceuticals. 

Features of Automatic Box Labeling Machine

Commercial shipping and packaging require precise box labeling. A Box Labeling Machine is essential for labeling boxes for consumer goods, cartons for food, or packaging for any other product type. An Automatic Box Labeling Machine features a suitable speed, and most are easy to operate. An Automatic Box Labeling Machine consumes less energy and enables higher production. Some essential features of an Automatic Box Labeling Machine include high production speeds, microprocessor-based controlling operation, accurate label placement, less downtime for the changeover, and reduced hand-labeling to save money, time, and labor.

There is also a category of automatic Multi-box labeling Machines that is perfect for labeling small boxes, envelopes, bags, and more. For businesses that need to apply labels to various items, the Multi-box m labeling machine is the perfect solution. 

Factors to consider before purchasing an Automatic Box Labeling Machine

A box labeler is ideally suited for high line speeds so the business can continue its production levels. Before purchasing an automatic box labeling machine, the business must consider the following factors. The speed of the Automatic Box Labeling Machine should be as per the production requirement; it should be able to apply labels on all the sides of the box, it should be able to detect the correct dispensing of the label on the box, and an accurate conveying belt should be included in the box labeling machine to positively move the boxes at the time of the entire labeling process, it should be easy. And smooth to operate, it should have a suitable sticker labeling device to apply labels on the boxes properly. Lastly, the Automatic Box Labeling Machine you select must accept any size of boxes. An option for custom labeling equipment for box labeling is also available today. 

Why Opt for a print-and-apply label machine?

The print-and-apply labeling technology is engineered to provide many options for placing the label on the product in the line. Labels can be printed and applied to the side, top, front, back, and bottom or over a corner. One can apply multiple labels on a single product too. The industries that use a print and apply label machine include Newspapers & Publications, Case & pallets, Pharmaceutical, Contract Packaging, Automotive & Industrial, and Food and Beverage.

While there are many advantages of Printing and Labeling Machines. The most important is that it reduces human error, often present in manual processes. Automated labeling systems promote accurate positioning of the labels, which the employees cannot achieve. Lastly, a print-and-apply label machine is faster and more reliable than manual processes, which reduces wastage, potential errors, and running costs.

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