Delicious Airfood
Delicious Airfood

AirFood: The Trendy Korean Pop-Up Restaurant That’s Taking Over the World

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The world has always been fascinated by the unknown, especially when it comes to food. What’s hidden behind the door of a traditional restaurant? What’s waiting for you in a random food truck on the street? And what’s behind the curtains of a pop-up restaurant?

With AirFood, you can get your hands on some of the latest and most significant Korean cuisine trends- all without leaving your comfortable living room. Plus, with its short menu and sporadic appearance, AirFood is easy to miss – perfect for those who want to experience something new without commitment.

What is AirFood?

AirFood is a trendy Korean pop-up restaurant quickly taking over the world. AirFood was created by two young entrepreneurs, Dara Kim and Jae Hwan Choi, who was inspired by the growing popularity of street food in Korea. The restaurant opened in New York City in 2016 and has since expanded to Los Angeles, Chicago, and London.

The menu at AirFood is inspired by traditional Korean cuisine but with a modern twist. The menu includes kimchi fried rice, Seoul chicken bokkeum tteokbokki, and bulgogi steak skewers. The dishes are served with a side of pickled vegetables and a choice of three sauces: soy sauce, sesame oil, or hot pepper paste.

AirFood is not your average restaurant. It is small (just five tables), fast-paced (items on the menu are served quickly), and informal (dining is seated at communal tables). There is also no dress code – diners can come as they are!

The popularity of AirFood can be attributed to its unique approach to Korean cuisine. While other restaurants offer traditional Korean dishes prepared in various ways, AirFood celebrates the simplicity of classic Korean cuisine. Combining fresh ingredients and innovative cooking techniques gives AirFood an edge over other restaurants.

How does AirFood work?

AirFood is a pop-up restaurant that specializes in Korean cuisine. The restaurant first debuted in Korea in 2017 and has since expanded to other countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Airfood recipe operates by installing temporary kitchens worldwide and serving short menu items such as bibimbap, kimchi fries, and jjajangmyeon. Customers can order food through an app or at the restaurant and then wait for their table to be ready.

Delicious Airfood

Where is AirFood located?

AirFood is a trendy Korean pop-up restaurant that has taken over the world. Located in various cities around the globe, AirFood is a unique experience that allows diners to taste different types of Korean cuisine while seated in air-conditioned comfort. The restaurant has a modern and sleek design that reflects the quality and uniqueness of the food.

AirFood was founded by two friends, Ji Seok Park and Jang Young Lee, who wanted to create a unique dining experience that would appeal to everyone. They combined their passion for cooking with their love of travel to create an innovative concept that quickly became a favorite among foodies everywhere.

The menu at AirFood is inspired by traditional Korean cuisine but with a modern twist. Dishes are designed to be both light and flavorful, making them perfect for summertime gatherings or any time you want something delicious and refreshing. There are also special editions of the menus available during certain times, such as winter-themed menus featuring warm dishes inspired by traditional Korean winter meals.

If you’re looking for an unusual dining experience that will impress your friends, look no further than AirFood!

Why is AirFood so popular?

The popularity of AirFood can be attributed to its unique and innovative menu items. The restaurant’s signature dish is buffalo chicken wrap, which is made with crispy chicken wings, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese dressing. Other popular dishes include the Korean BBQ beef wrap and the salmon avocado wrap. All of AirFood’s wraps are served with a side of steamed rice and various housemade sauces.

AirFood also offers a variety of other options, including salads, smoothies, and desserts. The restaurant’s atmosphere is modern and trendy, with bright colors and comfortable seating. AirFood has locations in many major cities worldwide, including London, Toronto, Sydney, Berlin, Bangkok, and Los Angeles.


AirFood is a trendy Korean pop-up restaurant quickly becoming a global phenomenon. With its unique take on traditional Korean cuisine, AirFood has won promptly over food critics and fans alike. Whether you’re in the mood for some delicious bibimbap or want to try something new and inventive, like kimchi pasta, AirFood has something for everyone. If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out this fantastic restaurant, don’t wait any longer – head over to your nearest location today!


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