Advantages and Drawbacks of Custom Mobile App Development

Advantages and Drawbacks of Custom Mobile App Development

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After the pandemic Covid-19 digital industry has taken a boom and now many businesses are started shifting online and getting digital. We have noticed that business individuals are developing mobile applications for their business needs and for a better user experience. Mobile applications have become fundamental for availing online services available. Mobile apps are the easiest and primary way to reach customers, interact with them, offer services to them, and market your brand or product to your potential audience.  

There is huge competition in the market and after the pandemic, it has increased to an extent where you cannot sustain in the industry if you don’t have unique ideas to offer, in this extreme competition it is very important to maintain the quality of your application, it will also help you in branding of your business and products. There are thousands of mobile applications on the Google and Apple app stores. But there are very few that we know about and use on a daily basis, it is because those thousand apps which we don’t know about have nothing unique to offer or are not perfect in quality or they have not perfectly done the branding. Businesses are eager to develop applications trending and needed nowadays like uber and calculate the cost to develop app like uber and Netflix. 

Mobile applications are the most effective way to reach your audience and users which is why businesses are taking a shift to the mobile application, mobile applications have many benefits but on the other hand, there are several inconveniences they can cause or you can call them disadvantages or drawbacks that you should take in consideration before entering in this digital world. 

What is a Custom Mobile Application?

A custom mobile application is software that does not incorporate any irrelevant feature that a mediocre mobile application inhabits. It only caters to the key features important for the company and exhibits essential components. Every custom mobile app is different and is built according to the needs and priorities of the company. 

Pros and Cons of Custom Mobile Applications

With time the complexity and functionalities are increasing, which cost huge investments to implement even a mere feature in a mobile application. It is important to develop an interactive and effective application, but taking it to another level could be dangerous. This article has mentioned a list of the advantages and disadvantages of developing custom mobile applications. 


  • Custom mobile applications are the best for returning on investment as they pay back higher ROI. 
  • Custom mobile applications are well known for providing enhanced security as they are developed to serve a specific cause of a particular organization.
  • Custom mobile application is designed and developed in a way that only serves your business needs and avoids any mediocre feature that is not needed by your business. It only exhibits the features and functionalities that your business and organization need. 
  • Companies that are utilizing the custom application can be at ease in the future when it comes to scaling up. 
  • The copyrights and ownership of the application solely belong to the company that has developed the mobile application for their business needs. 


  •  To develop a custom mobile application, you have to invest time and effort and you cannot use pre-define programs to build a custom mobile application. 
  • Every stakeholder needs to be very available to develop a custom mobile application because everything is according to the organization’s need, so requirement specifications may change. 
  • To create a custom mobile application a big investment is needed initially.

Concluding Words 

Custom mobile applications bring new opportunities for innovation. Every enterprise should know the advantages and disadvantages of a custom mobile application before deciding to develop one. It may cost more but it can serve the purpose brilliantly. 

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