citrine jewelry
citrine jewelry

A Holistic Guide to the Astounding Chakra jewelry

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In the realm of gemstone and jewelry, chakra jewelry has secured a significant believe and trust from jewelry lovers globally because of their divine and miraculous powers.

Although all gemstone jewelry like moonstone jewelry, amethyst jewelry etc. are adored to have been blessed with astonishing and effective healing properties, the essence of charka jewelry in particular goes beyond the scope.

From accelerating the process of accomplishing goals and targets to living a happy and healthy life, chakra jewelry can indeed let you explore the path of transformation.

Many people sometimes took this raging trend of adorning yourself with chakra jewelry as a religious propaganda. Nevertheless, this misconception is far away from truth.

So, let’s try to find out all these answers in this holistic guide towards to Chakra jewelry.

The Meaning and Significance of Chakras

The sacred word chakra, which translate to the “wheel of time” has been derived from Sanskrit which is one of the oldest languages of the world.

According to the ancient Indian mystics, these divine chakras are the seven spinning disks that runs along the spine. The right alignment of these chakras has been associated with peak level of emotional and physical health.

These are the chakras that control the flow of energy within the human body. External vibes, both positive and negative, also have an impact on these chakras. These chakras frequently lose their balance because they are constantly torn between the positive and the negative. In such a case, seven gemstones of seven different colours can restore the balance in the energy wheels. The entire range of chakra jewelry is made up of these seven gemstones.

Know About Chakra Stones

The history and significance of chakra jewelry can be traced back to centuries ago.

In the ancient times, these chakra stones were believed to possess remedial and properties that could heal even the most deep and wounded scars. Besides, they epitomized symbol of happiness, peace and prosperity when adorned with a proper process and rituals.

There are 7 chakra stones, each with their unique healing properties, and magic. Some of them are even recognised as “Birthstone jewelry”.

Let’s know in depth about these chakra stones.


One of the most beautiful and celebrated gemstones, what is truly eye-captivating in peridot jewelry is its exquisite and shimmering lime green colour that is unique to this stone.

As a chakra stone, it showers blessings of immense fortune and wealth upon the wearer. It’s marvellous healing properties can lead to good health. A peaceful and satiating sleep and enhanced creativity by tapping the crown chakra.


The “February Birthstone”, amethyst is one the 7 charka stones that epitomizes immense courage, valour and power.

The earliest documentation of its majestic and heavenly beauty and supreme healing properties dated back to almost 2000 years ago. Amethyst jewelry is extensively priced for its elegant purple quartz with traces of different colour shades scattered on its surface (also known as colour zoning).

Wearing an amethyst ring on the index finger of your left hand can enhance the purity of mind, body and soul collectively. It brings out the positive aura of the person which makes him more happy and loveable where ever he goes. Goes without saying, it also balances hormone that have got plenty of exemplary health benefits associated with it.

Blue Topaz

The royal blue topaz is not merely amongst the seven miraculous chakra stones. In fact, it is also the most beautiful and valuable blue gemstone available in the market. Its darker and deep tone of bluish to purple colour makes the wearer to look even elegant and astonishing.

Known as the stone of clarity, the vivacious London blue topaz channelizes the energy of the mind to bring out wisdom and self-awareness. It enlightens the person and empowers believe in truth and hope. By unleashing the hidden potential of brain, it opens doors of opportunities for the wearer.


The divine and stupendous citrine is associated with the solar pexus chakra. Solar chakra tends to improve the digestive power of the gut by increasing the temperature of the body in a controlled manner. Also, it boosts the self-confidence and leads to harmony and peace of mind.

One the most stupendous gemstone, citrine jewelry most in a lighter shade that varies between the shades of yellow to orange. What is truly eye-captivating is its smoky and transparent appearance that lends a mesmerizing look.


Wearing garnet jewelry resonates with the second or the sacral chakra. That bestow upon the wearer immense prosperity, good luck, wealth and opportunities for success.

The divine and exemplary metaphysical properties also aid the body in fighting against many lethal diseases by strengthening the immune system. Garnet also re-align all the significant charkas of the body to their most effective position that leads to long-term happiness and prosperity for the wearer.


The “September Birthstone”, is believed to foster inner wisdom, a clear vision which equip the person to see and realize the truth of life. Also, it brims the heart with purity, acceptance and a feeling of positivity and peace.

Besides, it also has its linkage with the third eye or the crown chakra and its zodiac sign is Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius

These miraculous properties of lodalite jewelry is complimented by its ethereal blue sheen that varies across the range of violet to different and alluring shades of blue.


A bright and sparkling gemstone with a yellow-orange hue. Carnelian jewelry is prized for its cheerfulness and magical. And mystical healing properties that leads to a better inner-physical health.

Carnelian increases fertility and sexuality. Carnelian is used to treat lower back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression. It regulates the kidneys and hastens bone and ligament healing.

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