A Guide to Everest Three Passes Trek

A Guide to Everest Three Passes Trek

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A Guide to Everest Three Passes Trek is a great way to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Everest region. It’s a demanding trek that involves eight to nine hours of hiking each day. You’ll also get a chance to see spectacular views of Mount Everest at Renjo La, 5,435 meters high. Afterwards, you’ll reach Gokyo village and the Gokyo Lakes. At the end of the trek, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of the Everest summit.

Hiking up to 8+ hours a day

If you are looking for a challenge, you should consider going on an Everest Three Passes trek. The best time to do the trek is from September to November. This time is best for a number of reasons, including clear skies and the fact that temperatures are between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. However, you should consider that the cold climate can make things more difficult. The weather can be unpredictable, so it is essential to check ahead of time.

While trekking, you should consider taking breaks if you get tired. The Everest Three Passes Trek involves hiking up to eight hours a day. You will be hiking up to four miles in the morning and eight hours in the afternoon. After the trek, you’ll have the chance to get acclimatized, as well as rest in the evenings. This is a long trek, but it’s also very rewarding. You’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the Everest massif, including the famous Khumbu Icefall.

To hike the Three Passes, you need to be physically and mentally prepared. You’ll need a waterproof jacket, hiking trousers, and warm shocks. You’ll also need to take along a daypack and Microspikes to climb the mountain’s high passes.

Skipping Everest Base Camp

If you’ve been considering Everest Three Passes Trek, but have been hesitant because of the high altitude, you may want to consider skipping Everest Base Camp during your trek. You’ll add one day to your trek, but you’ll avoid the high risk of avalanches and other health problems.

Before you go on your Three Passes Trek, you need to get a permit. You’ll need to provide a valid passport, as well as 5390 rupees for the permit. In addition, you’ll need to find your own accommodation, but there are plenty of options in the villages. Traditional hospitality is very good on the Three Passes Trek, and you can typically stay in guesthouses and teahouses for free.

While this route is not as high as the Everest Base Camp route, it’s still a worthwhile side trip. This route will take you through the Chukhung valley and the Lobuche region, as well as over the Changri Shar Glacier. It’s very popular during peak season, and you’ll share the trail with many Everest Base Camp trekkers.

The Three Passes Trek is more challenging than the Everest Base Camp Trek, but it’s still easy enough for experienced trekkers to take on. It’s not necessary to have the perfect athletic ability, but being fit will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. Before embarking on your Three Passes Trek, you may want to walk, jog, or cycle near the valley to get in shape.

Cost of the trek

If you’re looking for a challenging trek in the Himalayas, consider the Everest Three Passes Trek. The trek is known for traversing three high passes and the Khumbu Glacier. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning Himalayan panorama, with views of four of the world’s highest peaks.

This adventure trek is considered to be among the most challenging in the world and is a favorite among thrill-seekers, mountaineers, and rock climbers. Those who do it with the support of a quality trekking company can ensure safety and enjoyment. With a quality company like Discovery World Trekking, you can be assured of the best safety and service.

The cost of Three Passes Trek varies depending on the type of trip you choose. You can choose a trekking company in Nepal that offers a reasonable package, or you can look for a private tour. Either way, you’ll need to include travel insurance when booking your trip. The cost of the trip is likely to range between US$1800 and USD 2000 for one person. This does not include the cost of international flight tickets.

Food is expensive. A nutritious meal will cost you around USD 5-6 per plate. You can save money by bringing your own toilet paper and other toiletries. You can also save money by reusing water bottles and water purification tablets. Moreover, some tea houses offer hot shower facilities for around USD2.

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