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A Complete Guide for Different Types of Gloves

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There is a wide variety of gloves available to protect your hands. Just like a P100 mask, these gloves have become essential to maintain complete safety. Gloves work as protective clothes for hands. They are used to protect hands from dirt, paint, chemicals, and injuries. Gloves with apt size, fit, and length are essential.

People working with chemicals and harmful machines must purchase good quality Nitrile Exam Gloves to protect their hands. Picking the right gloves requires a bit of research and analysis. 

Here’s a complete guide for different types of gloves:

Fabric gloves 

One of the most famous fabric gloves is cotton gloves. These are soft gloves that are skin friendly and allow the body to breathe. They can be paired with any other gloves like plastic gloves or leather ones. They are often used for adding a protective layer. Fabric gloves with an extra coating add to the strength of the cotton gloves and make them fit for multiple purposes. 

These gloves can be used in summer also as they are lightweight and comfortable. Woolen gloves on the other hand are only compliant with the low temperature and are used to keep the hands warm. Cotton gloves with acrylic lining become oven gloves. These are heat resistant and used for cooking. Inspection gloves to examine jewelry, metals, and other valuable items are also made of fabric. 

Impact-Resistant Gloves 

Hand-Arm syndrome has become common and is constantly rising. People working in the industry are exposed to high-impact vibrations and a risk to develop this hand-arm vibration syndrome. 

High-impact vibration-resistant gloves are specifically designed to protect workers against high vibrations. It allows industrial workers to work properly without impacting their bodies. These are one of the most commonly used work gloves. All the industries where energy transfers take place must ensure the use of these gloves and protect their workers. 

It is best suited for people constantly working with jackhammers and other power tools. These are majorly used in the automobile and construction industry.

Rigger Gloves 

Rigger gloves are the best in terms of durability and are compliant with high temperatures. They have an insulating layer that makes them warm. These are extremely versatile gloves that are used in several industries. 

Rigger gloves come with a cushioning feature that makes it easier to move heavier objects. One dropback of these gloves is that they are usually available in free sizes and might be too tight or loose. 

Disposable Safety gloves 

These gloves are usually made of latex. They are flexible and easy to use. These are majorly used in the medical industry. Such disposable gloves are available in different sizes and fit well. This makes it easier to perform any task as it does not hamper the work and allows the professional to freely move their fingers. These are mainly used for multiple purposes like by dentists, physicians, etc. These gloves keep the hands clean and free from bacteria and viruses. Disposable safety gloves are one-time-use gloves and must be disposed of properly.

Leather Gloves 

Leather gloves contribute to a major part of the industry. It is used to keep the hands warm and safe from injury. These also protect from heat and sharp objects. Leather gloves have a great grip and are best suited for lifting heavy things. These are mainly used in cold weather and for industrial applications.  

Such palm gloves are affordable and fit for several industrial works. There is a wide range of leather gloves available and all of these are the strongest protection for the hands. Some of the commonly used leather gloves are Deerskin gloves, goatskin gloves, and Pigskin leather gloves. 

String Knit Safety Gloves 

These are lightweight and completely breathable gloves. String Knit Safety Gloves are also known as roping gloves and are best suited for both cold and warm temperatures. These are made of highly absorbent and reversible material. String Knit Safety Gloves are used for heavy-duty work. These are a blend of cotton and PVC. It is a reliable and long-lasting option to rely on. These are best in terms of comfort and can be used in multiple industries like construction, textile, etc. 

Nitrile Gloves 

Nitrile Exam gloves are chemical-resistant gloves that are used for several purposes. These are best suited for industries where people work with chemicals for prolonged hours. It has high resistance to chemicals, oil, and heat. They are also petroleum resistant. Nitrile Gloves are better than regular rubber gloves. Such gloves are also hypoallergenic and are used to perform sensitive tasks. 


Choosing the right gloves depending on the industry you are engaged in is important. Try picking the hand protectors that fit you the best and allow you to work properly. Generally, thick gloves are better than thin gloves. But when it comes to working, different industries require different types of gloves. Good quality gloves not only protect hands but also make the work easier. 

Picking the right gloves that match the need of the work and are easy to wash requires time and research. Knowing the risks you are exposed to makes it simpler to pick the right gloves.

Research, try, compare and choose the best one.

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