A brief introduction to bolt tensioner price

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Bolt tensioners are a convenient tool to tighten bolts that have a larger diameter with more precision. They are also called multi-jack bolt tensioners and are used through hydraulic method or manual methods with torque. A hydraulic-powered bolt tensioner will use fluid force to function. The ones which are used manually use hands or other rotating devices to turn the tensioner. In both cases, a torque, which is the rotating motion of the tensioner is required for the device to function. Other specifications include the internal or external threaded diameter and the thrust collar inner diameter. The threaded diameter depends upon the type of tensioner used. Make sure you remember this when buying a tensioner from the hydraulic bolt tensioner manufacturers

The bolt tensioner price is based on the type of tensioner being used and the application on which the tensioner will be used. Moreover, the price is also determined by the diameter of the bolts and the stud assemblies. Hence study and observe the bolts and nuts that have to be fit and then choose the tensioner accordingly. This way you do not have to worry about spending hours on finding the right tensioner or making an error while getting the machine from the hydraulic bolt tensioner manufacturers

It is also important to note that the bolt tensioner price depends on the brand and the method that is used. More popular and known brands may cost you more but their performance may not be up to the mark. It will be wise to test out the machines before the purchase itself to be safe and sure of their performance. Moreover, the tensioners that use the hydraulic method may also cost a bit more because of the use of fluid to make them work. But it is also true that this type of tensioner is easier to use and is also convenient since the worker does not have to exhaust themselves by using the machine themselves. 

Types of bolt tensioners

Let us now look at the different types of bolt tensioners available:

  • Nut replacement – This is the most common type of tensioner that is used by workers. Here, the tensioner is used to achieve bolt tension by assisting the hex nut in a fastener assembly. These are also called augmentation tensioners.
  • Bolt replacement – These types of tensioners are used to replace the bolt in an assembly usually found in industrial sectors. In this type of tensioner, the external diameter is very important to be considered. 
  • Thrust collar – They have a ring with high-strength adjustable studs. These types of tensioners are used in steel-mill roll mechanisms where they replace locknut assemblies and support bearings, and also in places with similar applications.

Where are these tensioners used?

The tensioners are generally used in tightening bots that are larger and require a lot of accuracies. For example, a bolt tensioner may be used in joining turbines and their generators. They are also used where the nuts and bolts are used to join large infrastructures. The bolt tensioners are a versatile and useful tool for fastening bolts and studs in places where a human alone will not be able to perform with equal precision and accuracy.

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