8 Common Instagram Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
8 Common Instagram Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

8 Common Instagram Mistakes

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Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can be used for branding, marketing, and networking purposes. However, if not used correctly, it can also damage your brand or reputation. Here are 8 common Instagram mistakes.

There are a lot of people who still don’t know how to use Instagram correctly. As a result, they make a lot of avoidable mistakes that can hurt their Instagram strategy.

Here are 8 common Instagram mistakes:

1. Not Utilizing HashtagsHashtag

Hashtags are a major tool in helping users find your content. They effectively organize related content under an umbrella that anybody can search through.

Also, don’t fill your captions with an excessive amount of hashtags. Any number under 10 should be fine. If you do more than that, it’ll start to look absurd and cluttered.

2. Posting Low-Quality Photos

Instagram is a social network entirely driven by visual content. The posts that get the most attention are those with eye-catching imagery. Nobody wants to spend time looking at ugly videos and pictures.

Lighting and composition are other factors that you need to keep in mind. Underlit or awkwardly composed images will not have as strong an impact. Spend the necessary time editing and tweaking pictures, ensuring each one looks gorgeous.

3. Posting at the Wrong Time

Some Instagram accounts seem to only post once in a blue moon, while others release daily deluges of content. Neither of these extremes is ideal. The former will erode viewers’ interest, while the latter will irritate them.

4. Not Engaging With Other UsersEngaging content

If you want other users to engage with your content, a good way to start is to always interact with their first. Like, respond to, your user’s content when you can, and following them can also help.

5. Buying Followers & likesBuying Followers & likes on instagram

Many marketers believe that buying Instagram followers is helpful for raising their status or credibility, but the truth is that those followers are most likely not genuine.

6. Incomplete Bioincomplete bio on instagram

Creating a perfect bio for your business or brand is really half the work. Generally, new brands miss out on writing a proper and relevant bio on their Instagram account.

7. No Proper Strategy

Strategy on instagram


An Instagram strategy goes beyond just what you’re going to do, it drills into what your Instagram goals are and what actions should happen to help achieve those goals.

No matter what your goals are, it’s very difficult to achieve them without a plan to do so. That lack of a plan or strategy is a big Instagram mistake.

8. Failing to use stories

stories on instagram

Instagram Stories appear above your feed as soon as you open Instagram, making it the first feature your audience could potentially be interacting with. Instagram stories also offers the live stream feature through which you can conduct Q&A sessions and interactive sessions. You should go live once in a month – because that sends a notification to your followers.

There you have it! 8 of the most common Instagram mistakes and how to avoid them. Whether you’re new to Instagram or a seasoned user, hopefully this list has been helpful in showing you what not to do on the platform.

Do you have any other tips for avoiding these mistakes? Share them with us in the comments below!

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