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7 Tips to Make Snow Shoveling Easier

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The joy of the first snow can pass quickly because it must be cleared away from the exit or sidewalk. Every winter, you wait for a white powdered landscape. But with the first snowfall, there are also annoying tasks. The saddle of snow is one of the downsides of wintertime. It is tedious and requires great physical effort if snow is constantly on. You can prevent this with the help of the suitable shovels and other helpful tricks. With the following seven tips, snow shoveling becomes easier.

With the Right Snow Shovel, It Is Easier

When buying, you should pay attention to a few properties in the snow shovel. As a rule, they consist of three different materials – with advantages and disadvantages.

It is best to check the stability of the shovel directly in the hardware store or garden centre. Place the stem on the floor so that the shovel points upwards. Then press the shovel down with your hand. The more rigid, the better.

Select the Handle of the Snow Shovel to Match the Body Size

The stem should lie comfortably in the hand and be adjusted to the body size. That protects the back. The thickness of the bucket stem should also depend on the hand size. Wood is best suited for the branch, significantly softer woods, such as ash or spruce, due to their elasticity. Plastic stems give way too quickly and do not transmit power as well. The handle at the top of the stem helps with pushing. These can be T or U-shaped, depending on your preference.

Where To Go with All the Snow?

A common mistake when clearing snow is to start shovelling. Because beforehand, you should choose a place to unload the white splendour without disturbing someone. Under no circumstances does the Denali belong on the street or the sidewalk. Passers-by can be restricted, and cars can slip on the snow masses.

The Right Clothes for Shoveling Snow

Actually, it should be a matter of course – but even if you sweat will quickly form on the skin, and cold may threaten. A hat, scarf, and gloves are mandatory. Also, pay attention to sturdy shoes, preferably winter boots with a non-slip profile, so as not to slip on the snow surface.

The Right Time to Clear Snow

The snow is best cleared when it has just fallen fresh. The powder snow is more compact than the heavy-pack snow. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait too long after the snowfall.

Push Snow Instead of Throwing

The easiest way is to push the snow in front of you instead of clearing the shovel all a few steps. A saddle with a large capacity is particularly suitable for this. When lifting, you should not bend forward but rather work with your back upright out of your legs.

Shoveling Snow Is as Exhausting as Sport

Shoveling snow is a strenuous activity that should be considered. As with exercise, it helps to prepare and warm up. When lifting, the back should remain straight; it is best to lift from the knees. Large movements – for example, throwing the snow over one’s shoulder – are unnecessary. In addition, you should not load the shovel too full and take a break when you run out of air.

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