7 Responsive Web Design Tips To Generate Maximum Leads

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A website has become an integral part of a business that can be used for promoting and selling products. We are presenting a list of the best web design tips to generate leads which will be helpful in improving the conversion rate.

Numerous people feel that they can enhance the lead-generation eventuality of an interface after it has been erectedstill, if some good practices are applied at the development stage itself, also the new website will have excellent capabilities right from the morning. A Canadian entrepreneur hired an establishment known for responsive website design in Vancouver. The agency incorporated the following ideas into the design to optimize the new interface for lead generation. Let’s take a look at them.

Include Contact Forms On Important Pages

One of the best ways to get is through contact forms. Owners must add these forms to the most important pages of their interface. Include fields that ask for only extremely necessary personal information of visitors in order to not sound intrusive. Display these forms on product pages apart from the “Contact Us” and the “About Us” pages. After launching the website you can use analytics tools to assess the traffic to each page and if you find any other URL with a large number of visitors, place another form on that page.

Create Landing Pages

Landing pages are important lead-generation tools and owners must create them according to the marketing campaigns of their products. These pages must have clear and concise information and guide visitors to take a converting action. Never include too many details on these pages and provide only necessary information like the most attractive features of a product. Place forms and suitable calls to action on the pages to encourage visitors to share their information with your interface. The firm hired by the Canadian business owner was also ranked among the top graphic design companies in Vancouver. It used the excellent skills of its in-house professionals to create attractive landing pages for the client.

Invest In Attractive Call To Actions

Call to action (CTAs) is another critical component of the lead generation process. They are instrumental in encouraging website visitors to convert into leads. There are various types of CTAs that can be placed according to the different parts of a marketing funnel. Owners must discuss with the development agency the kind of CTA which will be appropriate for a page. The text and color scheme of the CTA button is also important. The shades must make the button stand out on a page and the language of the text must be compelling.

Display Client Testimonials On The Website

Businesses must ask design professionals to create a section for displaying client testimonials. Positive feedback or user reviews about a product or service can be as compelling as a well-thought advertising campaign. Testimonials can be placed on the home page, landing pages, and contact pages. Ask your existing customers to provide reviews on the website as well as your social media accounts. You can even shoot video testimonials and insert them on key pages of the interface.

Introduce A Live Chat Service On The Interface

Many people feel that live chat tools can only be used for customer service purposes. In fact, the service can be used effectively for generating more leads. The traffic to a website is driven by a variety of sources besides search engines. It can come from social media channels and advertising or email marketing campaigns. Visitors after landing on the interface will have some questions about a product or its functions. Live chat service will help clear their doubts and move them ahead on the conversion path. This is one of the most useful web design tips to generate leads.

Intelligently Use The White space

The whitespace which some people call negative space helps visitors differentiate between the different sections of a page. Many people feel that leaving this empty area is a waste of valuable space. Intelligent designers use whitespace to drive visitors’ attention towards the desired area or an element. For example, ample negative space around a CTA button will draw people’s attention to the tab. It provides relief to the visitors’ eyes and enhances the user experience.

Add Explainer Videos

An easy way to influence customers’ decisions is to insert explainer videos on the website. These clips which will demonstrate the functions of a product will help viewers in understanding its features. Keep the length of the videos short and highlight the solutions provided by your product. These clips will help boost engagement as well as sales.


Everyone wants to have a website that helps them earn more revenue. These web design tips to generate leads will be helpful in building an attractive as well as productive interface with good traffic and a high conversion rate.

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