6 Cheap Styling Hacks That Make Any Outfit Look More Luxe

6 Cheap Styling Hacks That Make Any Outfit Look More Luxe

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Many of you think that spending a pretty penny on designer or expensive clothes is the only option to look luxurious or think your stipend not allowing you to buy luxurious clothes for yourself then you are incorrect.

1. Selection of Sunglasses :

Sunglasses always get a boost to your personality. The selection of sunglasses should be according to your face. While purchasing it for yourself just stand in front of the mirror and check which one is the most suitable for your face. Choosing unsuitable sunglasses leaves a bad impression and becomes the reason for laughter.

2. Choice of Fabric :

The choice of fabric plays an important role in building up your personality. Whenever you purchase fabric, just take care that the quality of the fabric should be of utmost good. Don’t give a try to such fabric as that shows your personality cheaply. Cotton, linen, wool etc. are some good quality fabrics, add these fabrics to your list to give you a lux touch.

3. Colour Preference :

Give preference to those colours which make your personality strong. Wearing all over one colour makes you feel confident about e.g. all over grey, black and white. These colours show you fully and gracefully. Don’t select those all over one colour that is too bright because such colours are not soothing to the eyes and also show you disgracefully.

4. Add Accessories :

Adding accessories in keeping with your dress is the better option to pick your looks up. Carry small pearl earrings or studs, a watch, a handbag and a small chain with a locket around your neck. Handbags should be matched either to your trousers, jeans or shirt. Accessories should be golden, this makes you look much better.

5. Dress Sense :

Your dress Sense reflects your personality, thoughts and manners. You should have knowledge of what to wear and when to wear and how to wear them. Always Put on your dress according to the occasion. If you are unable to choose a good collection for yourself, it will bring you down and make you feel embarrassed.

6. Nails art :

Many times it happens that we pay attention to our outfits but do not heed our nails which also play a vital role in flourishing our personality. It should be manicured and cut in proper shape, always remember to apply nail paint. Just go for metallic, silver, and gold colours. Applying red colour is also a good choice.

7. Things to keep in mind :

Sometimes we love to put on such clothes that give us a great look but our pocket does not permit us. At this moment, we can do one thing, we should buy such clothes in the off-season. This does not pressure much on our pockets. Suppose you like any winter dress which is costly but you wanna buy it then you should buy it in the last of the winter same as in the case of a summer dress.

Never wear shirts which have plastic buttons, it shows cheap in quality. Change low-quality buttons into good ones like metal, pearl or wooden buttons as this looks elegant. Select a good quality zipper.

Add dark colour denim or jeans to your wardrobe. This will make you feel confident and comfortable. Put on trousers and pants with full sleeves shirts or pullovers. Make a high ponytail. Carrying heels with pants is also adding a plus point to your outfit.

Wear belts on trousers or jeans. Teeth should be brushed and clothes should be ironed. Put on a long coat up to the knee, tuck your shirt in, spray light perfume because strong fragrances can irritate others, and go for light makeup. By following these simple hacks, your outfits not only look luxurious but also make your personality strong.

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