5 Reasons Why Blog on a Free Web Hosting is Bad for You

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In the era of digitalization and innovative technology, having an authentic and reliable website is mandatory for your online existence. Otherwise, you don’t participate in the race of digitalization and waste your variety of business assets and incomes. When you create your online existence via a website, you need to optimize it regularly by upgrading blogs, backups, security features, and other website functions.

It would be best to have authentic web hosting to improve the website’s performance, which ultimately catches the sight of the massive audience. Therefore, you must find a professional web host that ensures the site’s performance, fast speed, security, and other features. For this purpose, we will describe why blogging on free web hosting is bad for you. So, don’t go anywhere and watch this page to reveal the notion.

Top 5 Reasons Why Blog on a Free Web Hosting is Bad for You

Having an authentic website ensures your online business’s success, ultimately raising your revenues. So, if you want to improve the performance of your site, then don’t go for free web hosting. It will ruin your business reputation, and you might lose your existing and potential clients. Having a blog on a free web host is bad for your site for numerous reasons. Therefore, you must consider this article to identify the top 5 reasons why a blog on free web hosting is bad for you. So, stay with us here and keep reading below to identify the reasons.

1. Reliability

If you think that you might save plenty of assets by opting for free web hosting, you surely make the wrong decision. Free web hosting might claim that they provide high-performance availability and uptime. But they might provide you with availability and uptime at the initial stage. Still, when you continue their services, you will ultimately notify that the downtown is more than expected.

It could hurt your conversions and leads and affect your blog’s SEO. Therefore, you must explore reliable web hosting services that boost uptime and provide rapid services to your clients. So, you have to explore the services of WordPress Hosting UAE if you want to make money from your blogs. It will surely provide you the effective services that ultimately boost the performance and ensure the reliability of your site.

2. Performance

A site’s performance is a major aspect that a free web host fails to provide. The faster your site, the better conversion you might get, ultimately improving user experience. So, to get an effective user experience, you must avoid free web hosting services. It would be best to have better performance and high loading speed that ultimately interact with your readers towards your blog. For this purpose, you have to opt for a reliable web hosting service, other you might lose your massive audience when they find your website page not accessible and has a slow loading speed. They ultimately move towards your competitors and visit their blogs in this situation.

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3. Hidden Charges

Free web host services enforce restrictions when you continuously use their web server and ask you to pay charges to unlock the features. They usually hide charges from their clients and offer services that do not meet your business needs and requirements. You might deceive by free services and waste your precious time and assets.

4. Lack of Control

You must compare the paid and free web host services by examining their control and performance on your site. Paid and reliable web host effectively manages all the operations of your site and maintains the speed, performance, and uptime of your server, and upgrades the software and applications to ensure the security of your site. Alternatively, when you get the free service, you might restrict yourself to a particular configuration and fail to access and control your web server.

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5. Security

Security is one of the most essential features of a website. With the emergence of cyberattacks, you might lose your clients’ and businesses’ confidential and sensitive data. Therefore, you need Two-Factor Authentication protection measures to save your site from malware and cyberattacks. You might not get the Two-Factor Authentication and SSL certificates when you opt the free web hosting for blogging. Free web hosting fails to actively maintain your server as they use the old PHP version for the back end, unsuitable for security features.

So, if you want to save your website from security breaches and malware attacks, invest in professional web hosting services. Therefore, we suggest you get the services from reliable web hosting service to ensure the security of your site. Their professional host uses the authentic and latest version SSL and PHP certificates to secure your sensitive information, which is essential for every blog.

Bottom Line

The abovementioned discussion will surely assist you with how to get your site’s effective performance by choosing a reliable web hosting service. So, please don’t go for the free services; you might pay more for them, affecting your reputation in the global market. So, explore the reliable web hosting service for your blog that ultimately increases the performance and loading speed and catches the sight of a massive audience.

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