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5 Reasons Qvidian is Best for Your RFP Needs

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Commercial banks, ETF providers, institutional money managers, and many other entities keep an eye on RFPs (Request for Proposals). An RFP is a legal business document advertised by the client regarding a new project. Interested parties send the issuer proposals, and the client chooses a preferred proposal. The contract for a new project is, thus, distributed. Firms often find themselves caught with redundant RFP processes. A firm might submit many proposals at regular intervals to get new contracts. For the same reason, the pressure to submit proposals increases on asset managers.

Asset managers and banks rely on Qvidian, a well-known proposal management solution. A technological solution makes it easier to maintain speed while submitting proposals. At the same time, firms also have to maintain the accuracy of responses. Qvidian has been around for some time and is trusted by many firms worldwide. Some companies also seek external Qvidian RFP support to meet deadlines.

Read on to understand why Qvidian is the best choice for your RFP needs.

1. Easy cloud-based access

Multiple people can also use the Qvidian RFP solution within an organization. Many senior professionals and employees within the organization might use the solution to give their feedback on proposals. Often, asset management firms and banks assign several professionals to submit proposals. They draft proposals and then discuss them to create the final drafts. Since different individuals want access to the RFP management system, you need a cloud-based system. Qvidian is a cloud-based platform that allows easy access from any device, irrespective of location. Senior professionals can edit proposals while on the go with Qvidian. In the rise of the remote work culture, Qvidian is the right choice for RFP management.

2. Focus on the client

An ideal proposal always matches the client’s ideologies. For the same rationale, asset managers and banks research the client before submitting a response. If the response follows the client’s beliefs and policies, the chances of winning the bid are high. Qvidian assists asset managers and banks in creating client-focused proposals. It uses the available information about a client to generate automated responses. 

Every response will match the requirements and style of the client. To do so, employees don’t have to scratch their brains for hours. Detailed contextual proposals and presentations will grab the attention of clients. Clients prefer bidders having done their homework.

3. Compatibility with Salesforce CRM

Many asset managers and banks trust Salesforce to manage relationships with clients and customers. A Salesforce CRM will have information regarding existing and potential clients. Firms extract information from their Salesforce CRM to draft proposals. Qvidian offers unmatched compatibility with Salesforce CRM to help RFP experts. Data from the Salesforce CRM can be extracted or merged with Qvidian whenever needed. Since the data extraction and merging process is automated, it saves time for RFP experts. It also helps asset managers create client-focused content, as they will access client data from the Salesforce CRM.

4. Automated responses

RFPs often include lengthy questionnaires from clients. It might take a while for RFP experts to answer the questions. It means the time for generating proposals will increase. Qvidian extends an entire directory of RFD-generated responses for operations. With the help of a vast repository of responses, Qvidian can automate the RFP process. Even if the asset manager cannot think of a suitable response, they can always depend on Qvidian to suggest the right ones.

5. Enhanced customer support

Qvidian RFP customer support is excellent. For any technical or management problem with Qvidian, you can contact experts. In addition, mentors and technical experts are always available to help companies in different jurisdictions. Other RFP management solutions need a dedicated team of technical support individuals.

How to Extract the Best Out of Qvidian?

Sometimes, firms need more employees to handle Qvidian. For the same reason, they look for Qvidian RFP support. They need a helping hand to know the features of Qvidian and enhance their RFP processes. Usually, research firms have RFP experts to help get the best out of Qvidian. So, boost your RFP process with Qvidian now!

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