5 Mobile-Friendly Features for Web Design

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The days, when we had to use only a laptop or desktop to browse a website, have gone. In the current world, we have tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops with varied screen sizes. And the number of smartphone or tablet users has increased a lot and people prefer using their smartphones to access information, buy products/services and entertain themselves. 

Further, Google, the search giant, has started giving preference to mobile-friendly websites. It means your business or blogging website should be friendly to mobile devices. Web design, especially responsive web design can help you in this regard. And for this, you should consult a web designing company in Greater Noida or your locality. Here are mobile-friendly features that your website should have.  

1. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Call-to-action button supports your website users/visitors in comprehending what action you want from them during their visit to your business website. Further, it makes taking the requisite action easier for them. Most mobile devices have limited space on their screens. So, you need to adjust the CTA button in accordance with this limitation and make it visible to your website visitors.  

2. Usable forms   

Forms are the primary element of conversion of each business website. These forms should be short and ask for only the most required information. It will lower the time spent by users while filling it. You should combine your forms in logical small groups and clearly indicate the number of steps your website visitors have to take the completion of the form filling if you need more information.  

3. Simple mobile navigation 

Navigation is a tool that facilitates visitors to browse your website pages. You need to simplify it and make it visible by keeping the limited screen space on mobile devices in mind. Try to keep the navigation vertical and have a space between navigation elements for mobile screens. 

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4. Click to call functionality 

For eCommerce or B2B websites, having a method to contact the representatives is essential. Click-to-call permits your website visitors on mobile to call you with just a single tap. It can be a highly useful alternative to form filling that could be difficult for some of your mobile site users.  

5. Diffused and simple backgrounds 

Usually, web designers apply attractive backgrounds and themes while designing a website. These backgrounds and images help you define your business brand and establish familiarity with your site users. And as a business owner, you do not want to lose those aspects. Instead of removing those themes and backgrounds, you can diffuse them for your mobile users. It will facilitate them to have a feeling of ease and convenience while visiting your website.   


With the use of maximum mobile-friendly features, you will be one step closer to attaining your business goals through your website. After the completion of your web design and development work, you should follow a strict process to test your website for mobile users. It will facilitate you to attain what you expect.

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