5 features of iphone app must have

5 Key Features Every Successful iPhone App Must Have

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Every day nearly 1000 apps are published on the Apple app store. But, only 0.5% of apps register the right amount of success. Definitely, there is something that separates a successful iOS app from a standard one. What are those key features that make an iOS app successful? After analyzing the work of multiple companies titled as best iPhone app development company, we have curated the below 5 key features that make an iOS app successful. Let us dive into these features.

Sign in with Apple

Apple always hears its customers when it comes to privacy. Recently the company has started to deliver the Sign in with Apple option to third-party apps. Developers can embed Sign in with Apple feature into their iOS apps. But what does it do?

Every Apple user has to create their Apple IDs. Else they are nearly unable to use their iPhones. When they put their apple id, their device will just require their authentication for so many apps, for example, Fintech apps. Sign-in with Apple reduces the time for a user to create an account. Users can just tap on Sign in with Apple, and they won’t have to enter any other information. iOS takes care of that after it.

UI Kit Customization- Dark mode

OK, this might sound like not an essential feature, but we bet you that apps successfully embed the dark mode feature. Whether it is about Facebook, a top social media app, or Wikipedia, a reading app, both are successful and have a flawless dark mode embedded. Dark mode came to iPhones with the iOS 13 update. And today, nearly 80% of iOS users have adopted dark mode in their iPhones.

If your app does not have a dark mode, you might increase the chance of users uninstalling your app.

As suggested by one of the top iPhone app development company, you must embed dark mode in your app to gain a competitive edge in the iOS market. It also rediscusses the adaptive colors and ensures images look good in both light and dark modes.

5 Key Features Every Successful iPhone App Must Have


SwiftUI is a great framework to implement in your iOS app if you want to deliver success to your app. Ask your iPhone app development partner to work on the SwiftUI framework. 5 features of iphone app must have Also, if your goal is to port your iPhone app to Mac and iPad, you will require little coding, and the SwiftUI will take care of everything. With this framework, you can declare the user interface in advance.

Core NFC support

NFC is a technology that has been here for a while now, but now it is becoming robust with the modern tech stacks available. Your app must be able to read near-field communications to let users access more information. Users can learn about your product through NFC. For embedding NFC, you might have to consider an expert iPhone app development company since the feature is quite complex to embed in apps. But, it is worthwhile since it will maximize the probability of your app’s growth.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri is becoming intelligent as the world of AI is transforming. It is “empowering users to interact with their devices using their voice, intelligent suggestions and personalized workflows” –Apple. And Siri shortcuts is a great place to automate iPhones.

You have to ensure that your app supports Siri shortcuts to let users automate events related to your app. Or if you are building a food delivery app, Siri can automatically ask the delivery personnel about the status of the order.

Ending words

Dark mode and Sign with are the two must-have features in your new iOS application. If you forget these two, your app will not sail through the play store and will be labelled as incomplete. Further, the other 3 features are up to your preference. However, if you embed all 5 features of iphone app must have your app will significantly gain a good position in the market.

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