5 Content Hooks Guaranteed To Grab Your Audience’s Attention

5 Content Hooks Guaranteed To Grab Your Audience Attention

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This can be done by using a few types of hooks. It should be noted that the hook you use in your content must relate to the idea, theme, and concept being used in your content.

Generally, there are 5 types of hooks and this article aims to explain them all in basic terms with examples.

Types of hooks and their examples

1. The Heading/Title

Of course, if you don’t have a captivating heading your potential audience is just going to walk passed your content and may never get to read it.

Who wants that? Definitely not you!

After all the effort, time, and money spent in creating amazing content, without your audience, everything goes to naught!

Your audience has questions — it’s what brought them to your content in the first place- and so your headings should trigger those questions so they can relate their queries to your content title.

Here are 3 ways to make your headlines more catchy:

  • Use Power Words — Power words help to add more spice to your headings. Some common examples of power words are New, Free, Extraordinary, Brilliant, Amazing, Hilarious, ridiculous, Funniest, thrilling, captivating, Unforgettable, Remarkable, Discover, Authentic, Verified, Guaranteed, etc.
  • Use Numbers — It’s recommended to use digits instead of spelling out the numbers. Also, odd numbers perform better and are more attention-grabbing than even numbers.
  • Use emotional words.

2. Question Hook

What would you say is one hack to creating more captivating contents?

That piques your interest, right? This is because it’s a question hook.

A question hook aims to get the audience interested in content by including some elements of mystery in the form of open-ended questions.

The thing to note with a question hook is that you simply do not want to begin with a yes-no question.

Give your audience something to churn over in their minds. So leave them with a great question that will captivate them and leave them excited to get answers.

Be sure to answer the question hook in the body of your content. You definitely don’t want to leave them feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Easy peasy 🙂

3. Statistical Hook

Another great way to open a sentence is by including research and statistics that is strongly related to your topic. Striking statistics can make your audience more interested in reading the rest of your content.

Also, referencing statistics from a credible source gives your content a feeling of expertise which would then make your reader more likely to trust you when you begin to educate and inform them through your content.

Statistical Hook Example:

Research shows that although 6million blog posts are published every day, content marketers still have great difficulties figuring out what to post! It’s almost like they run out of content ideas…

4. Quotation Hook

A quotation hook is when a quote is used as an opening sentence for your content. It is important that the quote must be from a credible source and credit is given to the original creator.

Also, make sure your quote relates to your content and doesn’t seem random. You should also briefly explain the written quote while linking it to your content body so your audience can fully understand the context of your quote.

Quotation Hook Example:

In an article about 5 Practical Fun Ways to Teach Grade 3 Childrenyou can write your opening hook as a quotation hook —

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin.

Here, Benjamin Franklin was talking about the importance of detailed and descriptive experience over mere words. People are most likely to learn from what they see than what they hear or read as they can remember it better. This is why practical knowledge still brings in the best results and is still being incorporated in child learning environments…

5. Anecdotal Hook

An anecdote is a short recounting of an event from someone’s point of view, normally pleasantly or humorously.

So simply put, in this type of hook, you are opening your sentence with a short story. It could be in first person, a personal encounter, or a made-up story that relates strongly to the topic being discussed.

This type of hook is typically longer than others but just as effective (maybe even more) in grabbing your audience’s attention.

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Anecdotal Hook Example:

You could decide to begin your article on Ways to Correct Destructive Dog Behavior in this manner:

As at 2 years ago, my dog had become completely unrecognizable. He had severe anxiety attacks and would constantly pee everywhere when left alone, even though he had been potty trained. This gradually worsened to more destructive habits like chewing wires, ripping clothes and violently refusing a leash. I was worried that he’d hurt himself soon. Something had to be done…


In addition to grabbing readers’ attention, a great hook will serve as a good foundation, supporting the idea in your content in a clear, engaging, and captivating manner.

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