4 Emotions After Attending Your Favorite Celebs’ Concert Live

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Attending a concert of your favorite celebrities and artists is a fangirl dream achieved! Not all fans get to do that because concert tickets are expensive and difficult to secure when the artists have a lot of fans in your country. Concerts are fantastic, and it’s like you want time to pause and slow down, so they will not have to end. They are those “FINALLY!” moments that are forever saved to your heart. 

If you are a fan of a celebrity, an entertainer, or a music artist, and you see them for the first time in a live concert, you will be stunned. You will be amazed. It’s going to be a dream come true! You will be at your happiest, trust me! It’s incomparable! 

Now, after the concert could be the hardest, and it’s the same for most fans. Hardest because you will have so many emotions rushing in, and it’s not always easy to handle them all. 

To understand more about that, here are 4 different emotions you get after attending a concert live.


An indescribable kind of bliss fills your heart to the brim the day you finally meet your favorite celebrities. It’s a fangirl/fanboy dream come true, so no emotion will be stronger than joy at this moment. The artists you have been admiring from miles away are now in front of your very own eyes. Especially if you get that golden chance to shake hands with them, speak with them, or share eye contact with them, you are going to be overjoyed to the bones! 

Happiness that cannot be compared and cannot be duplicated is right there and then within your chest, and you believe it will never leave every time you remember the surreal live concert with them as the main characters. And every time you share the experience with a friend, you still feel deep inside your soul the glee that the momentous event has given you. It forever remains there. 


Believe it or not, you might also get a feeling of disbelief during and after the concert. Well, it is not a bad kind of disbelief but more like an “Is this happening?!” and “Did it happen?!” kind of emotion. You are stunned. You are starstruck. Even when the live concert has come to an end, you are pinching yourself to triple-check that you are not dreaming or imagining things and that you and your dearest celebs had breathed the same air under the same roof.

It happens. This kind of feeling even stays for quite a long time, and it’s understandable because it is like a dream. 


If we are talking about a feeling that stays for so long even after the concert, then it’s longing, a sadness-ridden longing. You long to see your favorite artists again. You miss them – A LOT. It’s normal. All fans who attend and enjoy a concert live experience this. “PCD” or post-concert depression is what it’s called. 

You are your happiest during the concert. The fact that you were there makes you extremely proud and happy, but just like parting ways with your favorite playmates in childhood, it’s sad to leave the concert hall and go home after an adrenaline-filled night where a fangirl’s dream has come true. 

You feel sad that it’s over, and you long to see them again through another concert! You feel like you want to attend every concert they have, only if you have the money for all of those. Watching videos taken in the event and watching your fan cameras over and over again occupy your time. You get a bit unproductive in the tasks that you should do because your head is filled with everything about the concert that has just finished. This PCD can last for more than a week too. Actually, who knows? No one.  


Excitement could also come along with the longing. Since you are yearning to attend another concert of your favorite celebrities, you are already excited about their plans, their new projects, their new social media posts, their next concerts, and just everything about them! Whatever good project or new content their celebrity management company announces about them will make you thrilled!

This makes you enthusiastically look forward to seeing them again in whatever way – online and offline! You have great energy and motivation because you have seen your most cherished superstars, and you still have them as you wait for the next time it will happen again! 



Concerts give you different feelings, and they could clash inside your heart and mind, but what’s for sure is that you are entirely happy and satisfied. They give you some of the best days of your life that you can never forget. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer and an events host. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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