Suitable Types of Wood for Furniture

3 Most Suitable Types of Wood for Furniture 

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The first thing that comes to mind when planning to move into a new home, is the furniture. It is one of the most significant elements of home decor. No matter, it is modern or traditional, the kind of furniture you pick gives your home a unique touch. 

If you are looking for furniture that can last for a long time, you should consider buying wooden furniture for your home. Wood is the most reliable material when it comes to furniture making.

However, different types of wood for making furniture are available in the market. Each type comes with a unique set of characteristics in terms of density, color, grain, and finishing. 

Picking the right wood for furniture is critical as it defines the longevity of your furniture piece. The quality of your wooden furniture is also a significant factor when you want to resale, restore, or discard a piece of furniture. If you are wondering which wood is best for furniture, let us make this job easy for you. 

3 most popular kinds of wood for furniture

We have created a list of the best wood for furniture. Let’s take a look!

1. Teak Wood

If you are looking for heavy wood for furniture making, Teak it is. Teak is considered the best kind of wood to make home or office furniture. One of the reasons is that it is durable, has high tensile strength, and is resistant to fire, moisture, and termite.

It looks incredibly attractive after it is polished and is not affected by white ants and dry rots. This wood doesn’t corrode the metal fastenings or shrink. The only drawback of this wood is that it is expensive.

2. Deodar

Deodar is a rot-resistant and sturdy type of wood. It has close grains and gives a neat finish when polished. Deodar absorbs colors well making it ideal for creating ornate objects and furniture. 

This wood is a popular choice for furniture making due to its durability. Additionally, this wood has a longer shelf life because it is not prone to decay due to insects and water. 

3. Sheesham 

Sheesham wood is durable and pliable, making it a perfect choice for a durable piece of furniture in any vogue you prefer. Sheesham wood is long-lasting due to its easy-care solutions, high strength, and resistance from termites.

This lightweight is on the budget as compared to the Teak or other solid woods. It does not require extensive maintenance thus making the furnishings incredibly efficient.

Sheesham wood is incredibly versatile to work with, as it is pliable to any style of finish. This is the reason why it is a go-to wood for furniture making.


In conclusion, as a homeowner, you may ask why invest in wooden furniture when there are so many modern, stylish, and sleek alternatives. A lot of them are cheaper too. The answer to this question is that wood furniture is much more reliable and durable.

Additionally, you may get confused with the types of wooden furniture available in the market, and it may become tricky to decide which is the best wood for furniture, therefore, we have made it easy for you. 

Due to years of experience, we can now summarize these three types of wood as the best wood for furniture making. If you are looking for furniture shops in Lahore that sell Teak or Sheesham furniture, visit Tarkhan. 

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